Tooth fairy: what's the going rate?

It was a 20 cent coin when I was a child. Nowadays I’d say a $1 coin. If the fairy is feeling especially generous, then a $2 coin.

I got a nickel or a dime for each of my teeth.

Of course until I was in jr. high I also got a dime a week for an allowance. In high school it was $5/week (this was in the late '80s)

Thanks! I think there isn’t enough magic in the world and so I always try to make the “magic moments” of childhood as fun as possible. For example, the Easter Bunny tends to track grass from the yard into the house, all the way up the stairs, and into his room.

I don’t know what to say about the fairy dust… but do you have any 24-hour drugstores near you? If you can’t find that powdery glitter in the craft section, you might be able to find body glitter in the makeup section…

We gave 1 dollar for the first tooth and two for the second and so on…
It’s not as bad as it sounds, by the time they have lost 5 or 6 teeth they don’t believe in the tooth fairy and we stopped giving money. I have a shot glass in the kitchen that my son puts all his teeth in now, he thinks it’s cool. 11 and 12 year olds lose a lot of teeth.

I would put money in an envelope so the kids couldn’t see it, ask them for the tooth, put it in the envelope with the money and seal it up. I would make a big deal about signing my name all over it so the tooth fairy couldn’t switch envelopes. In the morning it would look like the tooth fairy got the money in the envelope without opening it.

I snuck in his room and planted the Fairy-thing (dollar-bill inside sneaky wrappings). He stirred, and I snuck back out quickly. I think that’s the best I can do this time. I will definitely look for a more creative way to do this next time, I was definitely less prepared than I should have been. I will secure a source for fairey dest for the next incident.

Parents: please share any tooth fairy experiences. Great posts so far, thanks!

For one of his teeth, Dominic wanted to leave out a cookie for the tooth fairy. She ate a few tiny nibbles out of it (tooth fairy can’t eat a whole cookie!) and of course left a little trace of fairy dust behind…

I thought the irony of leaving out a sugary snack for the TOOTH FAIRY was funny, but didn’t say anything as Dominic was too young to have gotten why it was funny.

Next time, if you still think $1 is too low, pay a visit to the bank for some $2 bills. There are some still in circulation, although the banks make a habit of hanging on to them, it seems.

Scroll down to the bottom for info on the $2 note from the US Treasury

My kids loved getting that piece of paper money that they’d never seen before, and then, they’d get a trip to the bank to “change” it (or sometimes they’d just freak out some cashier at the Dollar Store. :smiley: )

Eye Teeth - $5 ( in dollar bills.) Everything else $1.

We were on our last day of vacation in Germany when our 6 year old lost his first tooth biting into one of the wonderful hot bread rolls :::::drools:::: he got a Euro and a pack of German Motorcycle cards thingies.

I was hoping zee German Relations would all slip him a " Hey! Congrats…here is a Euro/pennig/whatever." to celebrate…like the family would do over here, but it was not done at all. Bit of a drag for me.

Okay, I’ll be the cheapskate. My kids have always gotten a quarter, same as I did. My reasoning is that the kids don’t really understand the value of the money, they’re just thrilled that a real fairy came and left them a gift. Besides, quarters are shiny!

Well, SqueegeeJr tiptoed into our room (at 5:30am :eek: ) with the little paper disk (with a “T” rune) I’d made. He didn’t know what to make of it, until SqueegeeMom told him to unwrap it. He found the dollar and was delighted. He now claims that it’s a “magic” dollar. I haven’t questioned him too closely on what magic properties it has, I’m still drinking my coffee.

Now I just need to figure out what April Fool’s gag to pull on him (or me and him pull on SqueegeeMom) today. :slight_smile:

And I will stop by the bank later today and pick up a few Sackies for next time. :cool:

When my daughter, now 18, was very small she asked how much the Tooth Fairy would leave for her teeth. I told her it was pretty easy to find the going rate; it’s listed every day in the paper. We pulled out the stock section and I pointed out the going price for Tootsie Roll stock…the ticker abbreviation was something like “TootRl”, close enough to fool a little kid.

For several years, she’d check that stock listing when she got a loose tooth, then work on it or stall, depending on the price fluctuation.

It still pisses her off when I tell this story.

That’s hilarious, Cow.

But there’s no way my boy’s getting $29 for a tooth. :stuck_out_tongue:

Kindergarten Caricci gets a quarter for each year of his age each time he loses a tooth. Most recently it was 6 quarters. We, I mean the fairy, even gave him 4 quarters when he pulled his top right front tooth about three years ahead of time.

My cheap bastard tooth fairy only gave me a dime and only the first time I lost a tooth.

I only got a buck when I was, well a young buck, but we have been giving my oldest daughter $5 a tooth (She’ll be 6 next month). She lost a tooth earlier this week and since my wife didn’t have change, she (the Tooth Fairy of course) gave her a $20! I think $5 is reasonable, but I could see $10 if you had the extra cash. I don’t know what my wife was thinking when she put a $20 under her pillow though. Now a days a buck just doesn’t seem like much, I can’t even fill up the lawnmower for a buck.

But…the beauty of the plan is that they’re too young to know about decimal points or exactly what 28 3/4 means…:slight_smile:

$20 for a tooth!!! Geez… I only got $5 or $10 at Christmas!!

2 quarters per tooth in our house. State ones. Though once we get to molars I might go the Sackie route.

When the youngster was in first grade he came home and told me, “Callie’s tooth came out yesterday. The tooth fairy left her a CD player and a watch.”

What’s Callie gonna get for graduation?

I got ten shiny dimes for a lost tooth, initially. As I got older (and didn’t actually believe in the tooth fairy anymore), I started getting stuff instead (tennis balls, stickers, easy-bake oven cake mixes).

Charlie (6½) has lost two teeth so far. He got $5 for the first one because he was horseback riding, the horse spooked, he got thrown and had his tooth knocked out. He’s only getting $1 for the rest of his front teeth and maybe $2 when he starts losing molars.

Charlie has a “Tooth Bunny” a little bunny that hangs on his doorknob with a pocket where you put the tooth and the Tooth Fairy can put the money in.