Today I learned I can do a partial edit

I’ve never seen anyone mention this before (that doesn’t mean nobody has), but I discovered today, totally by accident, that if I want to correct a small typo in a post I made that I don’t have to edit the entire thing by clicking the “edit” button. I can select a portion of my post (much the way you’d quote a portion of someone else’s post), click the “edit” option that pops up, and it just lets you edit that tiny bit.

This is sort of a PSA, and sort of a “Well done Discourse!” post.

I see that all the time and never even thought about it. Thank you for spotlighting it. Edited

Fancy! who knew? (well, not me, obviously) Thanks.

Cool! Now I just have to remember it until I need it! (I’m deliberately making a typo
or two here so I can try it out!)

Gonna test it right now.

ETA: Worked like a charm. Thanks for the tip, @Atamasama.


Hunh, neat. Is here a time limit on that too?

Should be the same time limit as a normal edit.

Great tip, thanks much.

Testing… Testing…

Testing. Edited. .

Testing. Sweet!.

I’ve started using quick edit. It’s a wonderful and clever feature.

testing quick edit. Does it work? YES! Clever feature…

That’s a great example of an excellent UI feature, thanks. And thanks to whoever thought of implementing it. I’ll definitely be using it now that I know about it!

And mods can do it to other peoples posts, too.


I do think it works. It does indeed.

Testing post.

Interesting. And rather convenient. And also quicker than loading the whole post in a full-up editor.

I haven’t seen this turn on in the other Discourse I use. I am more active there than here, so I make a lot more mistakes there and would greatly welcome this convenience.

ETA: it is working there. SCHWEET!

Thanks, @Atamasama, for highlighting this.