Today I saw a loser that made me so mad

There is a line in the bible that goes something like,

“If you are walking in a valley of shit, be sure to keep your head high…”

(I think it was from the gospel of Mark, appendice 3 (concerning muppets)

It is with this in mind that I would like to invite our laugh-a-minute friend mookieblaylock to leave the shallow waters of MPSIMS and join me in the pit where I can say what I really think.

mookie, its like this. Life is hard, its a real pain in the ass, and we all have our problems. Let me repeat that, we ALL have our problems. Its the height of fucking self indulgence to think that you have it any worse than all of the thousands of people ignoring you in the street every day.

But what do the rest of us do? We fucking get on with it. We lean forward, take the strain and keep going. What we do not do is sit there like a useless lump of fucktard and whine about how much we suck.

Of course nobody wants you around, you are a fucking loser, just listen to yourself whinging for fuck sake. So knowing that, what are you going to do about it? Oh, I know, why dont you go on the internet and keep repeating to strangers that you are a loser. Yeah, thats the ticket, that will turn things around.

For fucks sake, you are a 22 year old kid. All it would take to change things for you would be some bubble bath and a few runs to the park. Hardly an insurmountable task. Hell, Bono is out there trying to cure Africa, yet here you are crying that its hard to look in the mirror. Are you harder to cure than Africa? Should we pull Bono of that job and give him your file? (We can do that you know, Bob Geldof just takes over, but we shouldnt have to)

Mookie you cretin, grow the FUCK up. Go wash off that eyeliner. Or put on some eyeliner. Fuck it do SOMETHING with eyeliner, something that involves an activity other than trolling MPSIMS. Oh yes, trolling. I know, I know, its probably fun to goad all the kitty huggers into offering all their hugs and kisses and sympathies and life stories and crap, only to then ignore their words with more noble self loathing, but it wont be much fun when you realise that if you had spent that time getting some fresh air you might actually remember which bits girls have that we guys don’t.

Out? Outside I hope.

Mookie, I have one bit of advice for your lonely ass. I heard it when I was in Australia, where I believe a sports team had it tattooed on their arms. Four simple words to make them keep fighting.

“Harden the fuck up”

Telling someone who is dramatically depressed to just snap out of it is a bit like telling a drowning man to learn to walk on water.

With that being said, exercise and fresh air is a very good prescription for dark days.

I have a problem with this pitting. It assumes our dear mookie is not pulling the collective strings of all who try to help him. If he’s genuine, this thread is pretty much everything I wanted to say to him.

Time for the emo pussy to grow up a little. Not even fully grow up, just enough to at least resemble a 22 year old instead of an early teen.

Either he’s been totally straightforward and means what he says, in which case you’re just being a prick because it’s an easy target, or he’s trolling like you say, in which case I guess you’re the easy target.

I don’t think he is drowning, I think he is standing in a paddling pool crying because his feet are wet.

Awesome. Another pick on the potentially mentally ill pitting.


You know, you sound like Andy Rooney after Kurt Cobain died–how dare this young man with everything ahead of him throw away his life. Hell, I was that depressed in my early 20s too and “hardening the fuck up” wasn’t an option I could imagine.

Jesus, just being someone isn’t as “strong” as you are, and feels comfortable opening up here, you take a shit all over him?

I guess I’ll take the chance that I’m being pranked by a troll.

Or he’s clinically depressed, in which case he needs to get the frig off this board and seek competent professional help. All he gets here is a pity party at best and a pitting at worst, neither of which are of any use to him whatever.

Wouldn’t it make more sense to do those things in reverse order?

Maybe it’s because I’m a psychiatrist’s daughter that I see mental illness as exactly the same as diabetes, heart disease, or a bad knee–something that hurts and sucks to deal with but you go to the doctor and follow certain protocols and do daily maintenance and get better. But just complaining about it never accomplished anything, and getting warm fuzzies on the internet won’t fix a pancreas any more than a brain.

People like mookieblaylock are certainly welcome to complain about their problems as far as I can see, but if they won’t lift a fucking finger to try to fix them, then they deserve a full force pitting just as flamey as a person with diabetes complaining about their gangrenous foot getting cut off while sucking down a pound of hard candy.

I agree with you, but emotional issues are harder to quantify (even psych docs don’t know how the brain works) and with the stigma attached combined with maybe having always been this way and thinking it’s normal, it’s harder to see the problem than a gangrenous foot.

The thread mookie started didn’t do any good; this one won’t either.


Bucketybuck, starting this thread was a shitty ass thing to do. There’s no excuse for this kind of mean-spirited bullshit. I hope you never have to go through what this poor kid is going through. And if you do, I hope you receive more compassion than you’ve shown here. Jesus Christ.

Oh go give him a fucking hug then.

Lets be clear, I have no problem with the struggle against depression. I have no doubt that peoples personal demons can be much more frightening than anything the world outside has to offer.

What I do have a problem with is a whiney little shite who wants to wallow in his own misery more than he really wants to do anything about it.

Seriously, upon starting a thread about it, wouldn’t somebody with depression want to actually you know, talk about it! Even if only to respond to some peoples comments with, “yeah, its sorta like that, and I find it hard”.

Instead mookieblaylock just wants to whine over and over, “I’m a loser, I’m a loser”.

The struggle against depression is real, but I think mookie just couldnt be bothered with the actual ‘struggle’ part. Far easier to wallow.

Unless of course he is just a troll, either way, you may think its shitty, but I stand by my opinion and this pitting.

Why be mad? Be glad. Less competition.

You don’t spot the contradiction do you? Someone in the depths of depression cares little for much other than feeling sorry for him or herself. That’s what depression means. Struggling against depression means the struggle against wallowing.

Deep depression means that simply getting out of bed and brushing your teeth is a struggle. Of course someone who’s depressed will wallow, that’s what depression is. If they could just shake themselves off and start feeling better then they wouldn’t be depressed.

I wrote something similar in that thread, but there’s no reason to think that gorgeous woman didn’t have clinical depression herself. Life is funny and it often sucks. Clinical depression is one thing, and self pity is another, but it’s not up to other people (even strangers) to trigger his blues or make him feel better. I agree with those who said he’s got to work on himself and make himself a better person. That being said, feeling like a loser is a scary thing, because people really can sense it and are terrified of catching social awkwardness. You’ve got to work on not caring, which is so much easier said than done.

ETA Upon re-reading, that is really vague. Oh well, TGIF WTF.

This is what the Pit comes down to- picking on the mpsim’mers?
There’s a reason it’s mundane and pointless- it’s one thing to pit him if it involved you in some way. But to pick on him just for bitching in a place designated for sharing MUNDANE and POINTLESS things? This pitting is just unnecessarily picking on the weak. Though it’s also incredibly Meta as well- you’re basically bitching about him bitching, and now with this post, I’m bitching about you bitching about him bitching. It’s a vicious cycle of bitchery! OH NOES! If only there was someone out there to debauch this spectacularly maddening debacle of butchering de-bitchery?

Why yes, I do like hearing myself talk sometimes with no point in mind. Then again I guess the OP can relate to that though.

I’ve found that there is no better cure for depression than to be belittled by a mob. That snaps one right out of it.

I approve of the OP actually. To me it’s not mean-spirited, in fact it’s the opposite. Some times people need a kick in the ass.

I’m bookmarking this thread to read next time I’m depressed and feeling sorry for myself.