Today... I'm a millionaire....

Ha Ha.

What do you know boys and girls, I might actually get to keep it.

I can’t give the specifics, for legal reasons.

I might buy myself a TVR Tuscan.

So, which other dopers can share this level of achievement with me, and might I enquire how old you are?
(I’m 27 going on 28). Heeeeeeeeeeeeee heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
I made it ma!, top o the world!!!


And on the off-chance that this is legit, I’m officially applying for the position of “new best bud/sponge”.

Great! :slight_smile:

Become a Member of the SDMB! $14.95, I think.

Also, you should buy a pony.

Hi! My name’s Chris. I’m very friendly. :slight_smile:

Seriously though, congrats.

Dude, I’m a guy (assuming you are one too - if not, then hellllllooooo, welcome to my chateau, madmoiselle…)

Oh it’s legit… but there is a slight chance a proceeding deal could brake through, in which case we gotta return the champagne - remember when you squeeze it back into the bottle, make sure you don’t leave any dead skin in with it. The geezer who sells 'em hates it when I do that.

Don’t worry, ** Silocke**. If Idle Thoughts is the wrong gender, he/she will get that fixed, in Sweden. :smiley:

As long as it can iron shirts and play the ukelele with one foot, I’m happy.

Which reminds me, I gotta consult my surgeon, Nick Riviera.

Hello! Ignore the others. I’m your new best bud. :smiley:

So, what currency is this? Icelandic crowns?

I’m really hoping that this is a legitimate business deal.

Hint: if it’s a Nigerian diplomat that you met online, RUN!
If not, congrats!

Now the rest of you backoff!!!

Helloooooooo Silocke, allow me to introduce myself, I’m the answer to all your questions about being wealthy. :slight_smile:

So, drop me an e-mail sometime so we can get our partnership in writing and discuss our new found wealth. :smiley:

No! Drop me an e-mail! I have thousands of Valuable Offers I want to send you!

Hey! I responded back first! All you other suckers can just form a line about ten feet back. :smiley:

Silocke —would you care to buy some shares in a mustard mine?
Or a spagetti grove?

I’m 32 now, and there’s a very real chance I’ll be a millionaire in 1-2 years - no broken laws or Nigerians involved, just good ol’ American capitalism. But I have an awful lot of work to do in the meantime to help this process along. Don’t worry, folks, I’ll be sure to start my own thread if and when this happens so I can have a bunch of new friends, too. :wink:

I got dibs on pestie!

Pushes Dung Beetle out of the way
I was here first!

Sooo, Silocke, how you doin’? :smiley:


Well, dang, girl, make up your mind. Money or looks?

Both. :slight_smile: