Today in nature I saw

I watched a YouTube video of a lab that houses dozens of coral snakes. They collect venom from the snakes for the production of antivenin. Pretty cool job.

Today in nature I saw… some really funky looking clouds.

Google Photos

Do we have a cloudologist on board? I’d love to know what was going on here.


The sunset was amazing last night.

These clouds remind me of a painting.

Looks like fire in the sky.

I think those are dandelion seeds? Are you anywhere near a nuclear reactor?

Uhh… I don’t understand the question. Well, assuming dandelion seeds and nuclear reactor go together in some way I need you to explain.

The simple answer to the question is about 50 miles.


The clouds look like fuzzy dandelions. A nuclear incident would explain them being that large. My take, not putting words in op’s mouth!

Ah. Now I feel somewhat dumb.

I was thinking mushroom clouds, dandelion seeds - uhh…


It looks like the clouds encountered a pocket of quickly rising air and went for a ride.

Colorful bug in the front yard yesterday

I don’t know what it is, but it reminded me, there was a lady on the local news the other day talking about vinegaroons. I had a nightmare about it. :grimacing:

I wanna say assassin bug nymph, perhaps?
There’s a lot of variety:

Definitely a “true bug” nymph. From the white dots it looks to be a milkweed assassin bug.

But lots of bug nymph look similar–for instance, the Leaf-footer Bug:

I want to believe!

Thanks for the ID - it was on the milkweed plant

I’ve been organizing photos lately and noticed how many different kinds of spiders I have photographed over the years (more than 45 species). There was one weird looking spider that I had photographed more than 10 years ago framed in a wider shot with a Yellow Crab Spider. For some reason I didn’t try for a closer individual shot and the spider image was very small, but it was still enough for Google Lens to identify it as a Sylvan Jumping Spider (Colonusus sylvanus). Two nights ago I ran into another one and was able to get better specimen photos for my records. (This is the same spider in the out-of-focus "alien with UFO photo earlier.

Here is my old photo:

And here are new ones:

The Assassin Bug must have been female because now I have a bazillion little Assassin Bugs errr…at least… I assume they are Assassin Bugs:

Looks like they may sprout wings and fly away.

Egret in action, Coon Creek Beach, Montana de Oro State Park CA

That is a really good photo.

No, they’re assassin bug food :slight_smile:. Those are mostly aphid nymphs sucking your plants dry. You can see a winged adult in the background.

Ah, needed enlightenment. Such a food source should attract predators. When they fly they’d be good dragonfly food.

They sure showed up fast.