Today is a GREAT day!

I’m clean, free and healthy. I got a girlfriend and a job. Young enough to enjoy them and old enough to appreciate them.

Today, I got drive drown the freeway in the sunshine. Under 90 degress, sunny with a little haze (angelinos know what I’m talkin’ about). I had Joe Satriani on the CD player and just digging life!
Today is GREAT day!

Just thought I’d share. :slight_smile:

Brilliant :slight_smile: Great gratitude post :slight_smile:

And nobody got sent to the corn field! It’s a great day!

That’s awesome!

I just moved some software from a development site to production, and everything works! And after work, I’m meeting up with Motorgirl, who got me two packages of my favorite hot dogs.

It totally is a great day. My husband took the boys on a camping trip, leaving just me and the girl-child home. We are going to bake a cake tonight and watch a movie and let the cats play all over the house. And when I go to bed tonight, there will be plenty of room on the mattress for me and the dog. And tomorrow after work I am going to read, read, read.

Best. Camping. Trip. Ever.