Today is Mother's Day

If you tell your family that you don’t want anything, and you don’t get anything, please do not come on here, or anywhere else, and whine about it. And if you DO get something, don’t say “I don’t want this junk!” to the gift-giver and throw it in the garbage.


Can you tell I have some personal experience with this, and the same thing goes for Christmases and birthdays too. If a man did that, he’d be considered abusive, and you wouldn’t let your kids get away with it either.

In the garbage? Heavens, no! If my son gets me a shitty gift, I’ll just stomp it to pieces in front of him. That should ensure I get something much better for my birthday next month.

My son surprised me with one red rose.

I’m happy for anything he gives me because he is my son and (IMNSHO) he’s perfect. A handmade card still means more to me than any gift he could buy.

So no bitching from me.

My mom will get a phone call today, which she probably will not answer or return :frowning: But I love her!

I’m excited to be celebrating my first Mother’s Day as a soon-to-be mother, as it will give me new ways to belittle and marginalize men (the scum!) by forcing them to give me greeting cards (such glorious tools of oppression) and flowers (the ultimate sign of female dominance).

All hail Gaia! Our plan to destroy men via minor holidays will soon prevail!

I laughed. :slight_smile:

Yeaaaah. If a woman in my life acted that way, I would stop getting her presents and probably would not have much to do with her in general. Where did you get the idea that it’s OKAY when a woman acts like that?
My mother died a few years ago so unfortunately I don’t have anyone to get a Mother’s Day present for, but she never would have thrown away a crappy present.

Allow me to share the essay my eight year old daughter wrote about me and presented to me this morning:


I love my mother when she hugs me. Mother gets mad when I go around the pool when she’s not around. I know she’s mad when she sees dog poop. Mom mom likes to go to Chinese buffet. She is 43 years old. My mom works hard when she cooks. My mom is like a tiger. My mom hates to stay at red lights for 2 hours. my mom is best at cooking.

I love my mother!

Happy Mother’s Day!

Seriously, that’s being a jerk, male or female. Where do you live that women act this way without being thought a jerk?

Thanks! My son is ten months old, so in fact I have gotten a poopy diaper, a breakfast mess, and a bunch of happy screams and laughter today. It’s been pretty magical. :slight_smile:

high fives

Nothing motivates like fear and shame.

“Crappy” gifts are why unwieldy mugs and scratchy bathrobes are her favorite. :cool:

I’m getting hog panels to fence in the goat pasture, and I’m happy as a clam! Forget going to Jared’s or whatever it’s called. Going to Farm 'n Fleet is my choice.

Son? Is that you? Stop calling on Sunday night when Game of Thrones is on. :wink:

My 6 month old daughter gave my wife the same thing! They must shop together. :smiley:

I’m pretty sure my kids forgot it’s mother’s day. Or else, they are doing a good job of faking it to surprise me.

I don’t actually care. I know they love me, and I love them. I don’t need anything to “show” it. Of course, I don’t do birthdays or Christmas either* so I guess I’m just not the holiday type.
*I get them stuff, but they never get me anything. Again, I don’t care

My daughter (age 2) picked out a card with a dog on it and a package of artificial tattoos for me. My husband got flowers and tonic water to go with all the gin we have in the house. I am a happy mom.

My younger daughter took the family out to a vegan Thai restaurant (on Friday, because one of her good friends is having a graduation party today), and everyone enjoyed watching me have to decide between all the items on a menu instead of having only a couple of choices. They all ordered, ate, and enjoyed their vegan food as well. My older daughter surprised me with a drawing that I wanted (a visual representation of a surreal joke that I’m dying to put on a t-shirt). And everyone gave me dirty laundry! Which, because it’s laundry day and I’m a control freak about how it should be done, is a lovely and much-needed gift. Someone is bound to either cook for me or arrange for a meal to be brought in tonight, too.

This is all WAY better than flowers and cards, and I wouldn’t dream of whining about any of it!

I laughed. That’s awesome.

Since my mom is pretty much gone these days, I don’t think I’ll get her anything for Mother’s Day. Sad. :frowning: