Today is my Twentieth Anniversary

I arrived in Saudi Arabia twenty years ago today. (I changed my user name during my one year in Qatar and cannot be bothered to change it back.)

I am of mixed feelings on this occasion.

So are you an immigrant, or a permanent expat?

I am a long-term expat. I have lived outside of the US longer than in it.

I don’t mean to pry so feel free not to answer if you prefer not to but I am curious: do you work in the oil industry? That is the main reason I have seen Americans live in the Middle east for long periods of time and I was curious if there were others.

Happy anniversary. I think!

Happy anniversary!

Since we are asking questions…

What is the proper pronunciation of Qatar? I have heard ‘Cutter’ and ‘ca-TAR’.

Also, which do you prefer - Qatar or Saudi?

^yeah, I wanna know that too.

Be careful crossing the street.

Happy anniversary!

Today is my birthday, my husband’s birthday, and our wedding anniversary.

heh I remember 10 or 15 years ago you were tired of living in Saudi and thinking about leaving…how time flies … So are the roads more dangerous yet since the lift of the women’s driving ban?

OP, why the mixed feelings?

I’m curious… is “Saudi” a correct shortening of the country’s name or should it just be “Saudi Arabia”? It’s confusing because “Saudi” is an adjective, right?

“Saudi” is an adjectives. This is the Arabia that belongs to the Saud family.

Mixed feelings? I am fifty-nine years old. I am making buckets of money and so I cannot really leave for another five year or so. My grandkids are growing up. I miss my dog. Mostly it is just mid-life crisis I suppose.

After all, did your dad smile and dance about his life and job at this age? Welcome to being a breadwinner.