Today is not National Tell A Lie Day...

…and this is not the thread to tell a lie about yourself.

I just wrestled an elephant to the ground and pulled its heart out with my bare nostrils.

I am not the Most Interesting Woman In The World.

I was molested by Eleanor Roosevelt.

No it isn’t!


Remember, this is not the thread to tell a lie about yourself.

Is that a lie?

No matter…It’s another fantastic day at my wonderful workplace! I love it here! I wish I didn’t have any vacation so I spend more time at my desk!

I always lie.

Ah. Then is this the thread where I explain how much I admire and respect Sarah Palin?

I’m really looking forward to going to work today.

OK I confess, I one of the winners of that big lotto jackpot.

I wouldn’t know; I haven’t logged in to the Dope yet today.

I didn’t call off work today and I’m definitely not contemplating sitting around with no pants on for the rest of the day. Not at all.

I am not secretly a double agent. On the contrary, I’m quite open about it.

Czarcasm belongs to the Preserves of the Month Club.

I love cleaning for Passover, it’s my favorite thing to do.

I love dealing with buggy software, too.

Oh, and doing taxes is fun, too!

My next post is a complete lie.

My previous post was a complete lie.

I won’t be in my bunk.