Today is the 20 year anniversary of Tupac's death.

Hard to believe.

Also this is his best song. There are a lot of good ones (brenda’s got a baby, pain, dear mama, hit em up, california love, etc). But Changes was his best.

Jesus, I’m old.

Old is not knowing any of his songs. I’m old.

Didn’t Tupac release more music after he died than when he was alive?

He had some meaningful and touching and insightful songs, some danceable ones, but this song, on the anniversary of his death, perfectly represents the war that killed him.

Tupac spelled backwards is “caput” (kaput). The wonderful world of gangsta rap where women are called prostitutes and female dogs while its practitioners kill each other off.

Life Goes On was always my favorite non-angry song. One of his best little known tracks. The music, the lyrics, scenario all seem to resonate with me.

I still think he’s the best ever. Em and Rak the only ones truly close.

Tupac lives!

Who is Rak? I’ve never heard of him/her.

On the list of great Tupac songs, I wonder if heaven got a ghetto is another great one.

Thanks for that link G0sp3l, I’d never heard that song before but it was good. I love Tupac songs that have that kind of beat with a message. I know older generations always say this (say that music was better when they were teenagers), but rap was better in the 80s and 90s.

Tupac did a lot of amazing music before he was 25.

I assume Rakim.

He ain’t no joke.

Yes, Rakim, sorry for the slang.

Music orientated so when hip hop was originated
Fitted like pieces of puzzles complicated

If he (Rakim) had given in and made his stuff a bit more commercial, he’d be a legend outside of hip-hop as well.
I love I Wonder if Heaven got a Ghetto. I’m old and I definitely think hip-hop was better in the 80’s-90’s. The sweet spot, when the music got good lyrics and social awareness and before everyone started yapping about materiel.

NWA, Ice-T, Public Enemy, Tupac, Snoop.

Apparently the late 80s and early 90s is considered a bona-fide golden age of hip hop. I can’t blame them.