Biggie or Tupac?

I’m just curious as to who the SDMB prefers in terms of rap, Tupac Shakur or the Notorious BIG? In my opinion, Tupac’s beats are superior (especially his early stuff), but as a rapper he is just above par. Biggie on the other hand, has better lyrical skills, but I think his beats are just OK for the most part. So, overall I like Biggie better.

I’ve heard that Tupac did many of his own beats. True? If so, to what extent?

I prefer Tupac’s style over Biggies. Biggie never did a really great album that wasn’t a collaboration with Puffy or Mase, whereas Tupac could have just himself and a beatbox and put down some killer shit.


Tupac without a doubt.

Biggie never wrote anything as touching as “Keep Your Head Up”,“Dear Mama” or “Brenda’s Got a Baby.”

Or anything as hard to resist shaking your ass to as “I Get Around.”
Hell, I love Tupac so much I named my parrot after him.

Tough call for me, I’d have to say Tupac as a whole but Biggie on certain songs was better than any Tupac.

I’m not trying to avoid a pick it’s just a hard question to answer. In each his own way they were both better.

Am I making any sense?

Forget it I can’t pick one.

Keep in mind though, Biggie didn’t even live to the release of his second album. He didn’t have much of a chance to break out from the gangster form of his debut album “Ready To Die.” Tupac on the other hand, had enough time to make so much material that they’re still making albums of his unrealeased stuff 4 years after his death, in addition to his 1st 7 albums, in 4 years. Tupac is probably the most prolific popular rap artist ever. He’s bound to have more hits than someone who was just starting out his career.

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