Today Is...

Today is a great day in the history of Soul Radiation.
Today is…
The day I get my paid subscription to the SDMB
The day I leave for Boston(I think my cat found out I’m leaving, she’s been all over me.)
The first time I will be flying in about 7 years(actually very early tommorow morning but since it’s so early I’m just going to pull an all-nighter)
Hopefully the day I get rid of my fear of flying
and if I’m good,the day I join the mile high club :wink: (come on cute puppy dog face don’t fail me now.)

So today is a good day.

So sign up already and welcome aboard!

YAY on all counts!
I’m wondering though, is there an actual plan in place to overcome your fear of flying? My suggestion is to watch the flight attendents - they never looked concerned. Also, if you know anyone who knows anything about planes, they can tell you what all of those noises are (flaps, landing gear, gremlins :slight_smile: ). Those few tips have helped me immensely.

The plan to overcome [his/her] fear of flying? Joining the mile high club, of course! That should distract [his/her] thoughts of the airplane plummeting to the ground, no doubt!

That was my thought exactly!

And now I’m on my way to get my check so I can become a real man…er member.