Today's Google Doodle (T'giving '21)

The second object in line, the first O. I think it’s a yam. Mr. Rilch thinks it’s a beet. What say you?

Yam or sweet potato.

Sweet potato. Beets are rounder and don’t have that point.

Google says yam.

Marching to the beat—it’s all gravy for the yam, yellow potato, pumpkin pie, corn, and cranberry!

Sweet potato, for certain.

Not yams, no matter what Google says. Yams don’t grow in north America, and the items in the store labeled yams are really sweet potatoes.

When I started looking at the items, I thought they were going to spell Google since they started with Gravy, but no.

Can we do it? Let’s see, onion, olive (appetizer), garlic or green onions, lettuce and endive (or espresso for afters).

Okay, sweet potato. Thank you!