We really need to have a virtual Thanksgiving dinner

imagine that travel is not an issue, that we can all teleport, fly,drive, or whatever, to a Doper’s home for Thanksgiving.

That will be my place. I’ll provide the bird(s), enough for everyone.

You are all invited. What will you bring to eat? Duplications allowed, I have a feeling we will need a lot of food.

Green olives stuffed with pickled onions/almonds
Celery sticks topped with cheese whiz (bacon flavor)

Not traditional, but I’d bring my Banana Pudding and you WILL love it, I swear.

I’m in! I’ll bring a few puff-pastry baked brie with raspberries and jam, with crackers, as appetizer. I know it sounds foofy, but it rocks.

Deviled eggs.

Wild rice and cranberry dressing. Not that soggy stuffing stuff, but a firm dressing that holds up to having a bit of gravy added on top.

I like all the stuff so far, especially that brie.

My favorite veggie dish: chopped up sweet potatoes and red potatoes with a whole cranberry/orange juice sauce.

Um, I’m allergic to bananas. Sorry.*

My mother’s cranberry sauce with orange peel will be my contribution. Kind of like this only with several strips of orange peel instead of a paltry single one.

*I was told by a chef to plead allergies when someone insists on feeding you something you’d rather not try (like liver). That way instead of making it their life’s goal to get some down your gullet, they will feel sorry for you and leave you alone.

No one ever thinks to bring the Indian pudding, so I will bring this luscious concoction.

I love 'naner pudding.

That sounds fabulous. More details, please.

I’ll bring something healthy so I can pig out on everyone else’s desserts: baby spinach salad with mandarin oranges, toasted walnuts, and feta cheese. The dressing is one I’ve posted elsewhere–equal-ish parts roasted walnut oiland balsamic vinegar. Divine!

I’m baking my apple butter pumpkin pie tomorrow for the family Thanksgiving dinner so I can make a few more for us.

Wow. Never had that before but it sound delicious! I like that it’s not traditional, but is still made from traditional ingredients. Win-win.

I make a damn fine cranberry sauce (just the sauce, no potatoes), which I’ll be happy to bring. I don’t use anywhere near the amount of sugar that is normal, but I squeeze in the juice of an entire orange, and add a few orange slices for good measure. Simple, but tasty.

It’s not traditional, but I’ll bring some charcoal-grilled salmon fillets. Cooked in a bit of Yoshida’s sauce with lemon and fresh cracked pepper, it’s to die for.

I do this simple but amazingly delicious vegan sweet potato dish with toasted pinenuts. It’s incredible.

And OP, I highly recommend you ask MamaZappa for her brining recipe. Her turkeys are divine and the soup it makes afterwards is delicious.

Need sweet potato recipe!

I’ll bring stuffing AND dressing.

How about corn fritters? They are pretty delicious. I’ll bring those.

snowthx, I love that brie recipe! Mine calls for cranberry sauce instead of raspberries, along with caramelized onions and pecans, but the same idea. :slight_smile: Worth every calorie!

I love corn fritters! I want some right now please.

This thread could use a few recipes, kwim?

I can bring my homemade pumpkin doughnuts for dessert.