~~~ Virtual Thanksgiving Dinner ~~~

Its time to feast with friends!

My table is set with my finest dishes and I have room for all of my fellow dopers.

Come on in and enjoy!

I have turkey, homemade stuffing and green bean casserole.

I am here to carve the turkey.
I brougth a mongolian squash pie. ( don’t ask whats in it )

Sqaushed mongolians?

I brought mashed tateys. Gobs and gobs of tateys! And I brought a healthy appetite.

Thanksgiving isn’t Thanksgiving without sweet potato souffle with marshmallows on top!

((((if6was9)))), ((((Archergal)))).
Thanks for coming and bringing nummy food!
We need a bottle (or two) of wine.

i stole all the wine from the cellar of the queen of england we have californian and french wine which should we drink?

I always use canned blueberries instead of cranberries, which are too bitter.

And please, no oysters in the dressing! Kielbasa and saurkraut.

I’m bringing the rolls. I also have some croissants made from scratch, very flaky, like their creator. And a chocolate cream pie(Grandma’s filling recipe and crust), with Kool Whip on top. BigDaiv, I’ll take a glass of that Frech champagne.

I like some pie with my Kool Whip (it’s so rude to eat it straight out of the bowl…)

I’ll bring my pumpkin pie made with sugar pumpkins and sweet amber squash. And real whipped cream, no cool whip stuff here.

And no wine here, I’ll bring some beer. I’ll swing by the Red Hook brewery and get a selection of their fall finest.

I come bearing spiced pumpkin pudding. Makes a nice change from pie.

Pass the white wine, please. :smiley:

I’m bringing the world’s finest glazed carrots. Slaved over a hot microwave all afternoon to make them, I’ll have you know :smiley:

For dessert, I was debating between pumpkin cheesecake and shoo-fly pie. Since I figured (correctly, it appears) there’d be pumpkins out the wazoo, I brought shoo-fly pie. Don’t you dare get any KoolWhip on it, if6was9!

Welcome my friends, BigDaiv, intheblink, Baker,
racer72, Empress Jolrael and flodnak.
Baker’s food is heavenly. I wish I lived closer to her, just so I could stop by the library to have a snack.
if6was9 needs to stop licking up all the Cool Whip[sup]TM[/sup] :smiley:


I figured the crowd was getting bigger so I’d bring my world-famous turkey w/Grandma’s stuffing (no wierd stuff in here) and Williamsburg Sweet Potato Casserole (although I will help myself to alittle bit of the marshmallow stuff too;) ).

Welcome DaisyFace, more turkey and stuffing sounds delish.
Y’all know to bring a friend, dontcha?

EVER??? :wink:

I used Cool Whip because that’s what Grandma usually used in her later years. She’s still with us, but in assisted living and can’t help with the dinner. Can I take her a plate of assorted virtual goodies afterwards?

misstee, depending on how big the crowd gets I may have to duck into the kitchen and whip up something else. Let me know if we need extras, I have a recipe I call baklava-Kansas style. It uses chopped pecans instead of the more traditional nuts.

That’s good champagne, BigDaiv.

Got room for another? I have here a mongo sized casserole of broiled carrots & parsnips, and a grilled-to-perfection turkey breast.

(I also brought along three cans of Reddy Whip for the pie or …whatever.)

I brought the shoo-fly pie, where’s the taters?