Today's (March 9th) Google Doodle - the Theremin

Didn’t find a thread on this…

Learn to play the theremin! Honoring the 105th birthday of Clara Rockmore, one of the first virtuosos.

By (I think) pure coincidence, later this week I’m going to a performance of Olivier Messiaen’s Turangalila Symphony, which features the ondes Martenot, a somewhat similar electronic instrument.

Fun to play around with!

I had no idea that the Theremin was so old. I thought it was invented in the 1950s to provide mood music for science fiction movies.

Since you started this thread, I watched the 1945 movie The Lost Weekend on TCM. I was shocked to find that they used the Theremin to provide background music, especially when Don was in the throes of alcohol withdrawal. Flying saucer movies were a decade in the future!

Ignorance fought.

You can buy the cutest little wee baby Theremin - it’s actually called the “Theremini” - from the Moog Factory in Asheville NC. We sent one to my brother last year.
Check it:

I used to think it was a new thing in the late 1960’s, when Popular Electronics ran an article on how to build your own.