Today's my birthday!

Just thought I’d share, in case anyone wanted to wish me a happy day…

Happy Birthday Pammipoo Hope you have a great one!

Happy, happy, happy, happy, happy, happy, happy Birthday!

::Soda’s off to the kitchen to bake a cake::

Happy Birthday Pammipoo. Hope its a good one!

Ooh, oooh, oooh! Do you get one of those really good McDonald’s cakes with Ronald on them?


::blows an harmonica for tone and clears throat:::

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday dear Pammipoo
Happy Birthday to you


Happy Birthday!!!


Happy Pisces birthday, Pammipoo! -)-(-

My store doesn’t have a playland, so we don’t host birthday parties. So, no yummy cake for Pammipoo. Too bad though, cuz I used to host parties at my old store, and I loved it. Nothing beats getting paid to play with little kids. But I did spend the day in Boston, we went to see Beauty and the Beast on Broadway, it kicked butt.And we went out to eat at this yummy Italian restaurant in the theater district. Traffic sucked, but I still had a good night :slight_smile:

Happy, Happy Birthday!!



Sorry I am so late, but Happy Birthday to you!

I’d sing, but you might never speak to me again.


Yup, March 14th. There I was, working a consulting job out of town, having room service in a Holiday Inn. Couldn’t tell the new faces I work with, “Hey, today’s my birthday,” so I celebrated alone. Came home today to find lots of cards in the mailbox and lotsa messages on the answer machine. No cake though…

Coldfire, hurry up! The spanking line is forming!

A very happy birthday to you, Pammipoo!

And a happy belated birthday to straykat23.