Todays XKCD

In which the narrator has a weird breast feeding fetish.

Resolved: The OP should significantly increase his post’s content.

Also: I’m lost for words.

It’s merely a commentary on contemporary mores.

It’s a slice of life.



Hmmm… my take: she’s on the comfy chair while he’s on the hard chair, so she’s obviously the top in this relationship, so why he is obsessing over milking her? Naughty sub.

Okay, I’m going to try. A great thing about XKCD is that he describes personal geek thoughts, and that we can relate. For instance: The stick figure is obviously an author avatar, and that’s fine.

But then he goes on to do the same thing with sex and relationships. And it’s somewhat creepy. He is very focused on cunnilingus, but has never drawn female-to-male oral sex. I feel from the drawings that he is trying to make a weird advertisement to girls. I have no idea what is going on here: . He is very focused on some girl named “Megan”. And now the alt text, which is not even just an avatar, but the author himself, declares that he fantasizes about lactating 40-50% of the time. What the hell?

Heh, for some reason I interpreted the alt text as the two members of the couple having the same thought 40-50% of the time. You’re almost certainly correct in your interpretation, and I have surprised myself with my innocence.

Jokes, even ones where the author/comedian tells it as if it’s about himself/herself, don’t have to have any bearing in reality. Just because he says “yes, I think about milking a woman’s breasts 50% of the time!” doesn’t mean he actually does. He just put that in there for ever so slight shock humor.

I interpreted it as him thinking about breasts (in general) 40-50% of the time, which is probebly pretty accurate form most men.

Well, be reasonable here! We can’t think about ass ALL the time!

Can’t a cartoon just be funny without someone psychoanalyzing the cartoonist?

Conversely, how could a cartoonist be funny without revealing what someone, somewhere, somehow will interpret as a perverted fetish?

How you said that was really hot.

Yes. I normally never psychoanalyze the cartoonist. XKCD is just personal in a way that makes me think about him. For instance, he often expresses his opinion in the alt text, or directly in the strip.

And this is not just something that someone, somehow will interpret as a perverted fetish. This is something that pretty much everyone will straightforwardly interpret as a perverted fetish.

Yes, the strip is about lactation fetishes. That doesn’t mean Randall has a lactation fetish, just that he thinks lactation fetishes are funny. It’s true that the stick figures in his strips are often author stand-ins, but that doesn’t mean everything they do or say are things the author does or says. Rather, it’s more like this strip is something Randall could imagine happening, if he had a serious lactation fetish, which he may or may not have.

Fetish, yes; but ‘perverted’ seems to me to be going too far. Necrophilia? Yeah, that’s pretty perverted. Lactation? Meh.

Count me out from that “everyone.” I interpret it as a funny cartoon.

As far as a lactation fetish…I think it’s more about breasts; fondling them, but not necessarily milking them.

Yeah. I just used that description to use the same words as the other poster.

The girl says exactly that? “milking them”. And even mentions lactating.

I agree with lemur and bouv. This cartoon doesn’t mean that the author actually has a lactation fetish. I also just stated that “the narrator” has a lactation fetish, not Randall Munroe.

I took it as a metaphor.

Well, if we are going to insist on treating what the characters say as the true opinions of the author, the previous XKCD would actually be a lot more disturbing. :smiley:

I interpret it as the male continually thinking about breasts (which is hardly unusual), and the female, knowing that the male is thinking about her breasts, points out that they cannot, at this time, be used for their primary purpose, thereby also ridiculing the notion of using them for any of their secondary purposes.