Toddler on ecstasy?

I didn’t see another thread on this, so I hope this isn’t a duplicate…

I’ve seen some news stories like this one following an investigation resulting from someone’s YouTube video of several young women riding in a car along with a young child whose eyes are rolling into the back of her head, as the women imply that the kid took ecstasy.

I created this thread less as an RO conduit and more to ask whether others who’d watched the video (which has been removed from YouTube, apparently, but was still available a moment ago on this site) think the kid really is on drugs.

Evidently they’ve located the occupants of the car, who claim they were just joking around. I’ve watched the video and it sure looks to me like the kid could actually be under the influence of drugs; her eyes rolling back doesn’t look voluntary, she seems to be “gurning” or chewing her lip, the way MDMA users do, and she seems strangely non-responsive as one of the women pulls and pinches at her face.

What do you think… a hoax, or did these idiots actually dose a two-year-old with X? (Apparently the kid is being tested, so we’ll know before long anyway.)

I wondered the same thing. I don’t really have any experience with any illegal drugs, myself, so was hoping someone who either has done them or knows someone who has, or who knows toddlers well enough would have an opinion. If they did, I so hope they get put under the jail.

I did that sort of stuff as a kid to bug my Mom. I’d roll my eyes back or cross them (and got told many times not to do it or else they’d get stuck that way!) and my Mom or Grandma (if she was there/watching me) would tap my face in just that manner to get me to straighten them.

I think they were just joking about what they said they all look young to me and the girl was probably just doing it to get their attention/filmed. Heck, my son… you have a camera? He’s THERE doing whatever silly thing to get the camera on him and snapping him.

What’s more horrifying to me is the disregarding of seatbelt laws.

No RO here.

At the beginning, she focuses quite clearly and repeatedly on the person holding the camera, a little inquisitively. She’s looking at the photographer. She’s surprised at the other girl squeezing her face. She’s not on drugs.

And then later, after the girls start egging her on and talking about eye-rolling and gurning, then she starts rolling her eyes and gurning. Look at :55, where the girls are saying, “She rollin’ it girl, she rollin’ it”, she starts rolling her eyes even more.

Throughout the proceedings, she keeps glancing over at the photographer. Those are not random eye movements–she’s focusing.

At 1:22 she’s got her eyes rolled back, and someone says, “She rollin’ hard”, and you can see her obediently roll her eyes back even further. She’s discovered how to roll her eyes back in her head and freak people out, and she’s just doing what the older girls want her to.

And a girl says, “She rollin’ damn hard” and sounds concerned, and starts trying to squeeze her eyes back into place, and by 1:41 all the girls are starting to get a little freaked out by now, because the kid is really getting into it. Listen to the concern in their voices.

And, finally, at 1:50 the photographer tells her in a not-joking voice, “Look at me, baby,” and she does–she looks straight at her, perfectly normally, for 7 whole seconds without any eye-rolling at all.

And then she’s basically done, but then at 2:00 someone says, “…do it again”. And she does, at 2:02. And everybody laughs, and she laughs, too, right at the camera, at 2:04.

2:07, back the eyes go. Back and forth. At 2:12 she’s tired of the game, tired of having the big girl smoosh her face around, so she puts her hand up in front of her face, obliging a few more times with a few more eye rolls, but then she’s finally really tired of it, and she turns her whole body away from the big girls in an obvious “leave me alone” gesture.

No RO here, unless ya wanna discuss the fact that she’s not in a car seat or wearing a seat belt.

Kid didn’t look like anyone I’ve ever seen who was really on e.

Another “no” vote here. Clearly doing it deliberately, and it’s not a normal symptom anyway.

I do think being forced to spend more than 8 seconds in a car with those girls should count as child cruelty, though.

Fake or not, those are clearly some classy individuals that should be in the care of a child. Either the kid is on drugs and that’s absolutely unforgivable and heinous OR they are encouraging her to act like she’s on drugs, which is less awful but still inappropriate. THEN they have the kid sitting on the floor boards of the car.


It was big news when Jude Law’s daughter Iris ingested ecstacy at a children’s party when she was 2. How she got it has never been disclosed, but he did later have sex with the nanny so there’s probably a connection. (The baby’s way less huggy now.)

I can’t view the video, so I can’t offer an opinion regarding the child’s state, but I wanted to point out (and maybe you already knew this) “rolling” or “rollin’” is slang for tripping on ecstacy, such that the young women’s commentary that the child is “rolling” might not be a cue for the child to roll her eyes; rather, it might be a description of an “apparent” ecstacy trip. The similarity in the slang and the physical act thus being a coincidence.

Watching it again, it does appear that the kid may just be doing it voluntarily, and that the “gurning” I saw could just be gum or candy or something in her mouth. I have experience with ecstasy— not so much with toddlers. I wasn’t aware they could do that with their eyes, or quite enjoyed having their faces pawed and smacked.

They’re pretty obviously using the term “rolling” in its drug-slang sense, though, whether or not it’s a double-entendre for the kid’s eye-rolling. One of them says “you shouldn’t have popped no X.”

More likely: child car seat laws.

Since when has “rolling” = slang for tripping on ecstasy had anything to do with rolling your eyes back?

It looks obvious to me that she’s doing it on purpose to get attention. Look at the little grins she gets - typical of a small kid doing something annoying or weird to get attention.

One more vote that they should get nailed for the kids (including an infant) w/o car seats or seat belts.

Yes, that’s what I meant.

Not just the girl who is the focus, but the baby you see them passing around the very back near the start of the video.

I watched it a couple of times and it does seem to me that the girl is doing it to freak out the older kids and that she is not on drugs.

Also at the end you can hear the radio and the DJ says, “Christian radio blah blah blah.”

I don’t think kids who are into doing drugs and gave drugs to a little kid would be listening to a Christian radio station. I thought kids into ecstasy like trance/dance/house music.

Ditto. Those girls were obnoxious.

Seemed pretty clear that the girl was doing it voluntarily–she saw that it got her attention, etc., and she stopped of her own accord when she’d had enough (the turning away motions at the end that Duck Duck Goose speaks of).

Yeah, I also once thought that people who were (or claimed to be) Christian would be less likely to do illegal, unethical, and immoral things. But that was a long time ago, when I was very young and foolish.

The fact that the kid can obviously turn it on and off on command makes me think no drugs invovled. Plus wouldn’t the kid be freaking out, assuming they weren’t used to it?

I haven’t watched the video, but my daughter is almost two and does all sorts of weirdo stuff with her eyes. It’s funny, she’ll be in the middle of doing something, and get lost crossing her eyes or rolling them around or whatnot. It is obviously something she does for her OWN benefit.

Then again, she is also convinced she’s a dog, so who knows. Maybe I’m not the best source for normal toddler behavior. (Especially since my girlfriend saw her playing in the yard and walking into bushes and just standing there, I dunno, being a bush or something and told me I had a very odd child)

The girl in the video looks closer to four or five years old to me, Auntie; she’s definitely not a “toddler”. She’s old enough to have learned how to deliberately roll her eyes up into her head on cue.

This made me laugh out loud:

Oh baby. :smiley: Little kids will do ANYthing to get attention from the Big Kids.

This made me laugh out loud, even louder:

Sorry, hon. :smiley:

Sorry, had to butt in here, have you had her eyes checked? I used to do that stuff when I was really little like that and it turned out that I had a serious eye problem.