Worthless Piece of Shit Student


You will notice that the worthless piece of shit student in the story linked just above is, in fact, a worthless piece of shit. I threw in student just to be nice. And also because, technically, he’s a student, although I don’t think he studies much.

Okay, it’s a short copyrighted article, so I hope I can post it in parts with my take on each part.

Very industrious of you. I’d like to know if any adult in the residence assisted and if so, why they’re not camped out in the downtown lockup.

How long before his lawyer says “he didn’t know it was illegal?”

That stunt might fly in an old Cheech and Chong movie, but the fact of the matter is that in The Real World[sup]TM[/sup], not everyone thinks it’s okay to ingest drugs, let alone illegal drugs, into their system. What’s the next recipe in the book: cookies with Ex-Lax[sup]®[/sup]?

So you decided on your own that you don’t give a fuck how someone else takes care of their body, hey? Mighty nice of you. Next time you have to get an operation, I wonder if the doctor’s going to decide on his own that you don’t need anesthesia. After all, you obviously don’t have a functioning brain.

Good job to the teacher!

See, you worthless little shit? Your stunt got people sick. Sick. Ill. NO LONGER IN THE STATE OF HEALTH THEY WERE ATTEMPTING TO MAINTAIN BEFORE YOU FUCKED WITH THEIR BODIES WITHOUT THEIR FUCKING PERMISSION! Maybe not your defition of sick. Maybe not your definition of ill. But the fact of the matter is that you tinkered with their mental state. How’s about next time you visit someone else’s home, they serve you some funky soup that causes you to puke, say, for the next 24 hours solid?

Good job.

One can only hope that none of the VICTIMS was going to be driving (the story didn’t provide the ages of the victims) and thus be hurtling down the highway under the influence.

Fuck suspension. This stunt calls for expulsion and incarceration.

Oh, goodie. The lawyer, once hired/assigned, can’t say “but he didn’t know.”

Don’t know about you, but I think (<==IMHO alert) introducting an illegal drug into someone’s body without their permission or knowledge should be considered an assault, and as that’s a crime of violence, the jackass responsible should be tried as an adult for assault.

Typo above==>“defition” should read “definition.”


Huh, huh, huh… you said “ass”.

Im sorry but I think thats just down right hilarious.

[sub]Ohhhh, the irony!

Damn, the kid was a young teenager, he didn’t really think it was gonna be as big of a deal as it was. I remember talking about doing that when I was kid to the teacher and how funny it would be. Fuck the kid’s gonna get in a lot of shit for this, I don’t think being tried as an adult is necessary.


Things to add to my prayers:

Thank you, God, for not having either treis or mswas in charge of discipline for middle school students in Santa Cruz.

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Damn, with all the times I’ve had to say it lately, maybe I should just add “mswas is a moron.” to my sig line.

Good GOD!

You know, what if someone had an allergic reaction?

Actually, I’ve heard that hash brownies aren’t that great tasting anyways…

What a dumbass.

So in otherwords Bricker and Ferrous, the fact that I do not think that the kid deserves a higher punishment than our judicial system already has in place for him, that makes me a moron? Or perhaps you were SO much smarter when you were twelve, and would never have thought that idea was funny.


Yeah I know, they must have suffered massive physical and psychological damage with such a satanic and EVIL drug (not to mention marijuana is EXTREMELY deadly and dangerous) being put into their systems.

I mean really, did any of the kids get hurt? No. Marijuana doesn’t harm people, especially in small doses. If he put rat poison or cocaine then yea, try him as an adult. But something as minor as this doesn’t really seem… important.

The point is, he put an illegal substance in the brownies.

The point is, he gave it to other minors, and could have opened up the school to a lawsuit.

Are there people with an allergy to marijuana? How would they be tested for that anyways? Seems it would’ve been far more likely that peanuts or such would be concern for allergies. And, Yes, the kid is a dumbass. Ex-Lax would have been a lot funnier.

If someone did that to me when I went to school, I would thank them.

Yes, idiot, when I was twelve, I was smart enough to know that it is wrong to go around dosing people with drugs without their consent.

That’s not the point, jackass. I know marijuana is not particularly harmful. I have been known to indulge in a bit of the green myself from time to time. But it is never okay to make that decision for someone else!
I decide what I want to put into my body. No one else.
Nor do I have the right to alter someone else’s state without their consent.
That concept would seem to be so obvious even a halfwit like you should be able to grasp it.

I didn’t ask whether or not you knew not to do it. I never did it either obviously, but I thought the idea was funny. What I am saying is, that kids have a certain inherent right to be stupid, and while he did something on the level of extraordinarily stupid, I don’t think what he did is any worse than the kid that threw snowballs at cars, and you and I both knew that kid, and we both know that he has turned into a good citizen later on in life, even if he did something stupid when he was a kid, and I don’t think he should be charged as an adult. If that makes me stupid, and you smart, then I guess I’ll go hang with the morons and be glad I did.


Well, at least he used pot instead of Ex-Lax.

If someone did that to me, I’d kick his ass so hard he’d be in the next state over, accosting strangers with “excuse me, but have you seen my ass?” I’ll decide when I want my mind altered, and how, thankyewverymuch.

:frowning: Yes. :frowning:

mswas: Free advice. Between your insightful analysis of scared yuppies, and your inability to grasp the graveness of drugging someones food WITHOUT THEIR KNOWLEDGE OR CONSENT…you’re batting .000 I’d say it’s time to call it a night.