Worthless Piece of Shit Student

And evidently mswas is either illiterate or just thinks that 14-year olds in Santa Cruz are the equivalent of 12-year olds elswhere. The linked story clearly indicates the culprit’s name.

Oh, I feel the need to mention that the people of the Great State of California did pass a referendum vote mandating minors be tried as adults for certain crimes. You will notice upon (re)reading my OP that I consider assault to be a crime of violence. And, in case I didn’t make this clear before, 14-years old is plenty old enough to know you don’t fucking assault people for kicks and grins.

Sheesh. Yet another typo. Gotta type much slower and remember that preview is my friend. The linked story clearly indicates the culprit’s age, not name.

Wow, you’re really a fucking moron (to co-opt your beloved phrase), I didn’t say what he did was right, I said he was a little kid doing something stupid, and actually, I’d be willing to bet that more deaths have resulted from a snowball to the windshield than have resulted from hash brownies being passed out to unwitting victims. Damn, you people are fucking heartless, if you want to crucify some poor little kid for doing something that was admittedly, really fucking dumb, but damn give the kid a break.

And just so you know, the scared yuppy thing, I think applies to people who think that a 14 year old needs to be tried as an adult for spiking some brownies. Throughout the last 50 years how many stories have we heard of people spiking shit without people knowing? It’s not an uncommon occurence, especially among 14 year olds. We don’t need to start fucking kids over for every little transgression, the kid didn’t kill anyone, nor did he wish to. He just thought it would be funny to see his teacher stoned. Dumb thing to do? Yes. Hanging offense? Hell no.

Again, if that makes me stupid, and you smart, I’ll be hanging out with the morons and be glad that I did.

I think the people that reacted the harshest to my yuppy thread were yuppies that don’t like being pigeonholed.


Lot’s of fourteen year olds do stupid things. I do not think he assaulted anyone, as his intent WAS NOT to hurt them. He did something stupid, and you are calling for someone to basically do something that will affect the rest of his life at age 14 for something he did that didn’t even really affect the next month of his victims lives.

Perhaps they were traumatized by it, but then again lot’s of people are traumatized by having to shower in a lockerroom with homosexuals.

Again, 14, 13, 12 it’s not a major offense, it IS NOT assault, and therefore should not be tried as such.


Thank you Baby Jesus™.

I probably should know better than to ask mswas this, but here goes anyway:

Yo, mswas: So what would your take be on it then if one of the victims had been 16, and after ingesting the drug-laced “goodies,” was driving down the highway and then got into an accident?

Let’s say someone had a severe allergic reaction.

The person could almost be tried with poisoning?

mswas-you make Baby Jesus Cry.

Looks like someone :rolleyes: nees to mellow. Maybe a brownie? :slight_smile:
another halfwited jackass idiot who feels this 14 year old deserves a 2nd chance at life, and should not be charged as an adult.

So, getting someone stoned without their permission was “not intending to hurt them?”

Bullshit. Here’s another one for you: years ago, I was the designated driver. Some one poured vodka into my sprite, thinking that would be funny. Good thing I noticed the difference in taste (the sprite was diluted), and found out who did it. The rest of us waited for two hours before I could drive them home (we waited two hours to be on the safe side). And the idiot who spiked the drink got to walk. It’s not funny to fuck with someone’s body without their permission. Clear now?

That’s fucking awesome! I’m gonna have to put that in my sig.
Somehow I don’t see Baby Jesus as being for crucifying this kid.


I refer you to PosterChild’s post the one above yours.


Truly the best comment ever on this situation.

Something I have observed ever since someone told me I was probably ignorant of Sun Tzu because I didn’t like Elton John is that the dumbest jokes get the most praise on this board.


Well, Ferrous; if you’re running WP, you can just go ahead and set up an automatic script to post it approximately every 12 minutes. That’s the average elapsed time between mswas’s inanities in this thread alone.

DISCLAIMER: This is a joke. I do not recommend doing the script thing on the SDMB.

I’m not interested in seeing this kid put on trial as an adult. In fact I’m against anyone under age being tried as an adult. But I do think he does need to face some fairly severe consequences. Getting kicked out of school and forced to repeat his grade seems reasonable to me. A bit harsh yes but his offense was serious.


I am appalled at the people in here who don’t see a problem with this.

Whether you think I’m a prude and have a big ol’ stick up my backside isn’t the issue. It’s my stick, and I like it right where it is, and I can keep it there if I want to. Prude or stoner, it’s my right to decide what I put into my body, and where, and when.

If one of my students tried this on me, I’d make sure they never set foot in my classroom again, and no matter what the school decided about their fate, I’d be pressing charges as an individual with the police, and getting myself a nice aggressive lawyer, and generally doing everything I could to make sure that they got the maximum penalty possible.

And the parents who let them bake the brownies in the oven, as well, if I could.

To those that talk to me about MY reading comprehension, I’d like to point out that no one in this thread has said the kid didn’t do anything wrong. Except the one guy who thought it was fucking funny, but he didn’t endorse it, just said that he thought it was funny.

I ran to find refuge among the morons to hide from Ferrous and Beagledave, but I found myself in the company of Monty, oh no, where do I go now?

The saga will continue in about twelve minutes…


I’d like to point out for YOUR comprehension that nobody has accused any poster here of saying that the kid didn’t do anything wrong.

The disagreement is over the gravity of the event and the punishment rendered.

Nice strawman though, sparky.

No need for the hypothetical: one of the victims was a teacher. Wonder if she was also responsible for driving any kids home from the outing?

I wouldn’t try this kid as an adult: that’s a pracitice I don’t agree with in general. Besides, there are plenty of ways to punish this piss-streak as a juvenile.

You two, scamper on back to study hall. Ain’t High School rough?

Oh, how to put this in terms you will even deign to relate to? I think it’s not possible.

It’s assault, fuckwrench. It’s prosecutable as an adult crime. You don’t like that? Grow the fuck up, go to law school, work within the system and change the fucking laws.

UNTIL such time, you maybe should show some goddamned repect for those here who actually know what the fuck they’re talking about. Nobody really cares if you think it’s just so fuckin’ cool, dude, that a 14 year old caused others to ingest a controlled substance. I’d be livid if some dickhead slipped my son a Claritin.

Yes, I know, that’s just so terribly uncool of me. Wanna know the difference? You will probably always think it’s really cool to drug up strangers, and I’ll spend the rest of my life trying to get shitheads like you to breathe again when you’ve O.D.'d.