Toilet Paper Etiquette - what is it?

Twice this week I’ve gone to the ladies, only to find the only other lady employed has used the last of the roll and left the cardboard inner on the spool holder. That didn’t tick me off too much, I simply walked to her desk and placed it in front of her with “replace me and put me in the bin next time” written on it. It’s cool though, there’s only two of us and I didn’t embarass her. She laughed and said her mum growls at her often for doing the same thing at home. Although I doubt her mother sticks a mouth full of fangs on the empty one. Like I did.

I digress. What is the etiquette when at a guest’s home, or indeed your own home (what do you expect your guests to do)? Should you, as a guest feel obliged to replace the empty roll with a fresh one (providing there is one to do so) or is that the job of the host. Likewise, hosts and hostesses, do you get ticked off to find that one of your dinner guests has left an empty cardboard roll on the spool instead of replacing it with a new fresh frangipani fragranced toilet tissue? (providing you have some in the loo in a basket/stem or under the handbasin)? What is the correct etiquette in these circumstances? :frowning:

If we’re having company, I try to make sure there’s a spare roll sitting on the tank, just in case. If I’m at someone’s house and I use the last, if I can find a roll, I replace it. If not, I let the homeowner know.

It’s not that big a deal, and it’s better than using the shower curtain. :eek:


If I were a guest at someone’s house and used the last of the TP on a roll, I’d look around to see if there were extra rolls someplace obvious (in other words, I wouldn’t go poking around in cabinets or closets to find it). If extra rolls are out in the open, I’d replace it. If I couldn’t find any extras, I’d tell the hosts, “I just used the last of the paper in your powder room and I didn’t seen any extras.”

I wouldn’t get ticked off, necessarily, if a guest left an empty holder in my house, but I do think it’s polite to put a new roll on.

What they both said.

Oh la! It’s not hard - thank you, just thought I was being a picky bitch. Because cardboard rolls are hard to wipe your yoo-hoo with.

There was a marvelous opening to “Mad About You” where Paul was in a chair reading the paper. Jamie came in with the empty roll on the toilet paper holder and a full role. She then proceeded to show Paul how to take the empty roll off and put the full one on, then shrugged and nodded.

Paul looked disgusted.

No words were spoken, but you knew Jamie had faced the dilemna of having a husband who apparently does not know how to replace a toilet paper roll.

For me, if I use the last of the TP at the house, of course I replac the roll. Sadly, the only other person in the house on whom I can count to do this is my 7 year old. He will faithfully replace the TP if he uses the last of it, while my husband and daughter (15) will only do so occasionally.

If at a friend’s house I use the last of the TP, I will look (without snooping – I will open the under sink cabinet, but not the medicine cabinet or linen closet) and if I don’t find another roll will mention to the host that I used the last of the TP, so that they can replace it as is their wont. If a guest at my house uses the last of the TP, I expect them to tell me – but I don’t expect them to try to find another roll and replace it. I wouldn’t get angry if they failed to mention it, but ya know, it’d just be nice.

It only makes sense to always be sure there is paper for the next person. It’s a bit of a problem when they have to use the toilet and find the paper gone. You should slap the person up side the head if they fail to ensure paper is there for the next time.

What is it about not putting the roll on the actual holder? My husband will get a new roll out…and set it on the counter next to the toilet and leave the empty cardboard on the TP holder. And whenever I visit my brother’s house the guest bathroom there (which also happens to be the children’s bathroom) it’s the same, the new roll is on the counter and the empty cardboard on the holder.

In both cases I put the new roll on the holder and throw the cardboard away.

Arrrgh, my boyfriend does that. We don’t even have the kind of paper holder with a spring bar - you just slip it over the end! How hard is that?!

Okay, I must admit my husband and I do this on a regular basis. But only in our own home - because our cats view TP properly in the dispenser as a toy most excellent, but will totally ignore a roll sitting on its end on top of the dispenser. So, replacing the roll in our house = TP confetti all over the house and gleeful kitties, while being a lazy-ass and leaving a new roll sitting on top means that it stays there, inviolate, until needed.

My brother did that all the time. I just wanted to strangle him. With the toliet paper.

Put Mrs M next in the queue. :smack:

Q: How many men does it take to change a roll of toilet paper?

A. No one knows. It’s never happened.

A guy I work with for some reason has to start a new roll of toilet paper before the old one is completely gone. He’ll leave the new roll on top of the old one on the dispenser, and start using the new one without finishing the old one. Guess he has a phobia about wiping his butt with the glue that sticks the paper to the cardboard roll?

Some of my employees do the same thing. There is a little more than a quarter of a roll on the spindle and they open a new one and place it on the tank.

I don’t get it. Anyone do this and can explain the reason?

Cat training is a good reason not to have the roll in the dispenser, but after using it a while like that it seems easier also. Yes it takes 2 hands, one to hold the roll, via the center ‘hole’, but it’s just more convenient to use that way.

Now ya see, it’s just one more reason why there should always be plenty of tp on hand. If I don’t impart any other wisdom to my fellow dopers, I hope you all take my advice about having plenty of spare tp and making sure there’s a spare roll on the tank, counter or somewhere in easy reach. It’s just plain ol’ common sense. I don’t care if you put the new roll on the dispenser or not. I don’t care if you’re an “over” or “under” person. I just care that you have plenty of tp.

Thank You for your attention and for heeding my sage advice. :smiley:

I replace the roll if one’s available. But the OP seems to be describing a workplace; most places I’ve worked have janitors that do that stuff.

Or towels… Your post reminded me of that old (missing?) thread where the poster’s mother had her friends come over. One of the friends was obese and had issues with wiping after her business. The friend took a towel out of the middle of the stack and folded and replaced it after she was done. :eek: