Toilet paper or not?

I would like to get an honest opinnion from you concerning personnal hygiene of moslem people.I don’t want to offend anyone but I’m just beeing v.curious if moslems use toilet paper to wipe out private area or only water or something else(left hand)
There are so many missconceptions about it ,so please enlighten me,thanks.

The Master speaks. And what do our opinions have to do with this? This is a matter of fact.

Thanks ,I forgot :smack: to check what Cecil has to say on this subject.

Not only Muslims, but almost all South Asians use water and their hands to wash their private areas after passing stools. The hands themselves are then washed with soap or some other form of cleaning agent. I do not see what is unhygeinic in this?

A book of Hadith revealed that being originally desert dwellers water was too precious for such use and they used rocks, or large pebbles for the same purpose. Using the left hand to administer the rock.

I personally prefer the western way, and that doesn’t mean corn cobs or a page from an old Sears catalog either!

The only thing I can think of is that fecal matter could get underneath the fingernails; which a normal handwashing would not completely remove.

I know when I work on my truck and get my hands greasy, I usually need a toothbrush to really clean my fingernails well.

…and thus, the moral dilemma: Do you tell your roommate or not? :wink:

You need the toothbrush(maybe even a solvent) because that is grease and water cannot wash it away. However, fecal matter is easily flushed by water, and so will not stick under fingernails if the hand wash is done properly. OTOH, I am not too sure if the toilet papaer is really able to clean out the last traces of fecal matter that may be deposited in the crevices and skin folds around the exit. Water is definitely a better flushing agent for faeces than dry paper, whether on hands or elsewhere.

I"m wondering ,if I was living with my parents and sister and by mistake I was to ingest minute traces of their fecalia ,am I immune to all the bacteria or I get sick?

You wouldn’t. Look at India. It has a population exceeding a billion and all use water and hands to flush their poop from their backsides. Goes to prove how hygeinic it is, doesn’t it? :smiley:

You most probably do ingest minute traces of their fecalia. There are probably such traces floating around in the bathroom after they flushed, bacterias on the door handles, on the soap, etc…There are bacterias everywhere, anyway. In your kitchen, on your food, on your skin… All your bases belong to them!

BY the way I too think that using water, followed by proper hand washing is more hygienic than using TP. Nobody would think he’s cleaner after rubbing his body with some pieces of paper than after taking a shower.
Honestly, our habbit of merely using TP to remove shit from our body is objectively disgusting, when you think about it.

T.paper tends to spread fecalia ,particulary when stool is kind of loose.
Water is much better suited to do the job.One problem with cleaning with water though, it is difficult to see down there maybe instaling mirror on the bowl could help,or even mounting small camera in the bowl and monitor in front. :smiley:

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What sickens you may not sicken someone else and vice versa. Disgust is thus a personal reaction and cannot be judged in any objective manner.

So is the water they shoot at their anus warm water? Seems like cold water would suck. And also, I would definately not want to shake someone’s left hand between their pooping and hand cleaning.

How do the astronauts do the stuff in space? or in their suits?
I heard that they have 100 thousand $ super-duper toilet which sucks out poop into space.

I visited Johnson Space Center about twelve years ago to install some hardware in the shuttle mission simulator. When I was there, some of the NASA engineers showed me the space toilet simulator. During an actual shuttle mission, the astronauts use a vacuum toilet that you need to sit on carefully so that there is a good seal around your butt (or else stuff will get everywhere). So there is a dummy toilet at JSC with a camera down the hole that they could use for practice (per nonpolar’s suggestion).

The weird thing was that the cockpit simulator was relatively unguarded (once you got past security into the building) but the toilet simulator was behind a big door with a combination lock.

Also, the toilet was nicknamed “Crippen’s crapper” after Robert Crippen, who was at the time in charge of the space shuttle.

What about space suit?Are they design for the heavy stuff or just for peeing?

You usually develop an immunity to others bacteria when you live with them, thanks to being contaminated before.