Tokyo Sarin Gas Attack Leader Executed

Good riddance.

Wish they could have killed him sooner, the World is better off without some people.

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Mainichi Shimbun (English)

No kidding. But the Japanese justice system is notoriously slow.

Was that a jury trial? How would that work?

IIRC, Japan didn’t have trial by jury until a few years ago, and the judge was the decider of both law and fact.

I was in Japan when the sarin attacks happened, and my key client was located near one of the targeted subway stations. It was unbelievable.

It looks like the last of the suspects wasn’t arrested until 2012, after being on the run for some 17 years.

This clown and three poachers. Why is Death being so nice lately?

I didn’t know Japan still had the death penalty.

Also somewhat surprised they use hanging, instead of tsujigiri or robots or pokemon or whatever.

Cool link, Sailboat! :smiley:

Or Pink Lady.

The guy was basically a real world Bond villain. He even established a secret lair where they manufactured a nerve agent. It seems like this story should end with a dry quip right before Bond goes off to have a drink and get laid.

I would have thought the gas chamber.


On the saringetti?

And yet, extremely fast at the same time. Pictured for the first time: Japan opens the doors to its death chambers | Daily Mail Online

From it,

Given the laughably high conviction rates, and lack of protections for the accused in the Japanese justice system, I am not entirely comfortable with how Japan administers the death penalty. I’m sure TokyoBayer could provide more details. Still, not my country, and besides, killing Aum Shinrikyo members is something that should have happened a lot earlier.

Provided the guys they killed actually committed the crimes they were accused of, of course.

So it was an unexpected hanging?


IIRC, some other Asian nations also use the “you don’t know which day until the day” suspense as well. Some death row inmates would go to “use the restroom” in a panic after notification and not come out, in fear, or various ineffective delaying techniques.

My subway station to work was Kamiyacho (on the Ginza line), which was one of the attack sites. No one from Swiss Bank Corporation was injured thankfully. I had left Japan a few months earlier.

Thing is, there had been a previous sarin attack that killed a few folks in central japan, and it was also linked to a missing family of a journalist or other whistleblowers on the cult. This was covered in the weekly Tokyo English magazine at the time, and predated the subway attacks but IIRC 1-2 years. I still don’t understand how the cult got a pass before the sarin attack