Tolerate This, Chas...

It all started with a fairly innocent holiday discussion. Somewhere along the line it turned into a soap box for a lesson in religious tolerance wherein a jew (or a couple of jews, perhaps), a secular humanist (myself), and a couple of other folks were RAILED against by a self righteous buddhist (love that irony already, doncha?) for a statement that “reeks of bigotry”.

I was ready to let the whoe thing go until, as a parting shot, said buddhist proclaimed:

And thats where I draw the line.

Chas, don’t ever presume to explain to me what I need a lesson in, you self-righteous prick. People like you do so much harm the forwarding or tolerance because you don’t tolerate PEOPLE. or even live in the practical where like it or not, people are different, they look different, they wear different funny sacremental headgear, they speak different funny sounding languages, and they love differnet funny gods. Humour isn’t (always) some insidious, socially acceptable tool for opression and “ignorance” and “biggotry”.

Sometimes, as your hero Mr. Twain would probably explain to you, humour is a way to make us all step back and realize that, yes we have differences and yes, some of those differences are fucking hysterical. I’m so insulted by your laughably solemn intonations and air of importance that I’m tempted to give you a little autobiography just to show you how innane you accusations are, but ultimately who I am or what I have lived doesn’t really matter. What matters is that we look around us, and embrace and celebrate diversity, and stop being so quick to be the boy who cried “biggot”. It just makes you look silly when you so lightly throw such heavy words and misdirect your venom, you lose sight of the real evil out there, the real ignorance, and you spend all of your time playing “miss manners” and slapping wrists over jokes, plain and simple, j-o-k-e-s.

Life is celebration, celebrations are full of laughter. Do i tell “nigger” jokes (a word you introduced into this discussion, not me)? no. Do i think that we as ethnic and religious groups have funny peculiarities? youbetcha!!! Do i think less of them for those peculiarities? nope. When we laugh together at ourselves and the ones we love, we are actually celebrating the fact that we have more in common that we have dividing us. It startles me that I find myself explaining this to a “buddhist”. But oh well.

Levity, my friend, paint with many colors, not just in black and white. And don’t ever presume to speak to me that way again.

I personally think that Chas was way off base, and too sensitive by at least a notch on the old Sens-o-meter.

I also think that religious tolerance is a crock, and religion shouldn’t be tolerated at all, but that’s my atheism and politics mixing badly. Could also be my piss-poor mood at the moment. Check back with me on that one.

at the risk of turning this into a great debate, Ogre (or not really even a debate, cuz i think i agree with you). Tolerance is a funny idea when you think of it. Kind of contrary to faith. The big problem is that faith means knowing unasuageably that one is right, so therfore if I as a Xtian “know” that I am right, how can i even engage in a tolerant dialogue with a Muslin who also "know"s that he is right. I mean I as a Xtian would believe (nay, “know”) that the muslin is damned and the only way to change that would be to save him, and the muslin feels similarly, so any “tolerance” is just lip service really, inherently condescending in light of the percieved mandates on both sides. All that said, I think its wonderfull, if theologically (or dogmatically) dubious that people are despite all of this somehow the israelis and the PLO or the Brits and The North Irish, Pro Lifers and Pro Choicers, etc can even sit at the same table. Violence and intolerance don’t shock me. The fact that there is any tolerance at all shocks me. Sorta cynical, but I see it as hopefull.

enough of that… what did yall think of my first Pit Thread?

I’m so glad someone brought this into the BBQ pit. I made the trip to do it myself.

ChasE, people like you make me sick. I was reading your posts on the “Christmas at the Movies” thread outloud to my friend, and we were rolling with laughter. Are you one of those people who gets offended for the sake of being offended? Do you pray every day that you’ll get the chance to drop it into conversation that you’re a Buddhist?
I’m a Jewish girl and in school I pretended that studyting WWII would be traumatic for me. I loved the idea that being different could get me special treatment. I see a lot of that in you. You’re desperate for attention so you separate yourself from “the norm” around you. Good for you, you’re selfless and kind. You meditate and ponder the meaning of life. I hope some day you reach enlightenment so you realise that it’s healthy to have a sense of humour.

Hee-hee! :smiley:

::standing ovation::

By the way sdimbert, my boyfriend is a “non-jew”, and he wasn’t offended by your thread.

[QUOTEoriginally posted by Alias]
ChasE, people like you make me sick… I hope some day you reach enlightenment so you realise that it’s healthy to have a sense of humour.

Kudos Alias for distilling to a sentence what I strove for somewhat desperately over a longwinded full page… I love that shit. Show off… :slight_smile:

Kudos Alias for distilling to a sentence what I strove for somewhat desperately over a longwinded full page… I love that shit. Show off… :slight_smile:

sorry folks, I am all but hopeless learing new things.
Bear with me


Uh-huh. Y’know, lots of us here at the SDMB live as non-christians, AND non-Jews AND non-Buddhists. We’re called ATHEISTS. None of us were offended.

And you were way, way out of line. But you probably realize how silly you looked with all your ranting and raving about religious bigotry, and are too ashamed to show yourself here. Wise move. If you respond to these well-earned attacks with anything less than an abject apology you’ll just make a bigger fool of yourself. Keep a low profile, learn from this mistake, next time you’ll do better.

I was originally going to give Chas the benefit of the doubt. Everyone has an issue that gets their knickers in a twist and I figured religion is Chas’s.

However, it seems that our sensitive Chas gets offended by a great many different things. Take this thread for example . All the OP was asking is why Gypsies were allowed to bother you by selling wares while you were trying to eat in restaurants in Europe.

answered by Chas:

– bolding mine –

So apparently the word “gypsy” is offensive to Chas, as well.

I’m sure there are others, but I’ll not waste my time looking for them.

Chas, save us some time and give us a list of words and subjects that are not offensive to you. This shouldn’t be too hard as I’m sure it’ll be a very short list.

I guess his demand for the elimination of snap judgments and broad generalizations doesn’t extend to fundamentalists and the Salvation Army, as he expresses in this thread. Or to the British in this thread.