Tom Brady next season

Where do you think Tom Brady will be at the beginning of next football season?

I think he’ll stay with the patriots, cheaters stick together. Really what kind of ego must one have to be one of the most talented QBs ever and still feel the need to cheat?

I expect Tom to stay to groom his successor.

well if he goes free agent sport writers have been mentioning the chargers an awful lot which will go somewhere between manning and the broncos and montana with the chiefs in results

He already did. Then they traded Garappolo to San Francisco, and who is still in the running for the Super Bowl, not having thrown a game-sealing pick six at the end of the game.

I expect him to stay at least one more season in New England. I don’t like Tom Brady, but no way he lets his career end on THAT note. He’ll stay with the Patriots until they draft his next replacement, then another year or two to help groom the kid, and not retire until he either wins one more ring or suffers a major injury.

At his age, I hold the ring/injury odds at 50/50. He’s only had one(?) really bad injury during his career. He could be due for one, and it’d likely be a career-ender at this point.

100% he’s back with the Patriots.

He’s about the most competitive and driven person on earth. He doesn’t care about grooming his successor. He thinks he can still win and if they get him some other receivers he probably can.

I think this is correct. I’m baffled at the people who think he’ll help groom his successor. He’s so driven he begrudges giving his backups snaps in garbage time.

he has nothing to prove in NE and his house is on the market so he goes elsewhere . Maybe Indy since they have a pretty good offensive line. Or some other team with a good offense that wants a better QB, maybe SD as Rivers is probably not going back there.

Yeah, the whole reason Jimmy G. is in SF is because Tom told Bob Kraft “He goes or I do”. He has zero interest in grooming anyone. He doesn’t even like to work with young receivers who he’s playing with, no way he wants to help his successor.

It all gets down to whether the Pats, specifically Belichick, are willing to give him what he wants - 2 or 3 years guaranteed at a huge salary. One of the other 31 teams will almost certainly give him that. Belichick almost certainly won’t, so we’ll wait to see if Kraft steps in to give Tom what he wants to make sure he retires a Patriot.

I do not want him in Indy. I don’t want to have to root against my favorite team.

He probably stays with the Patriots. My off the wall prediction is that he’s the QB fro the Las Vegas Raiders next year.

Brady is the one person that Kraft values even more than Belichick. In fact, Kraft took Brady’s side on the Garappolo issue. To me, it’s all up to Brady. But if he does stay, then does Belichick leave? Belichick really admires the NY Giants organization, and they have been slow in interviewing head coaches.

One thing I’d heard today is that New England may not be able to pay enough to keep him next year. He has been very generous in the past because he has wanted to stick with a winning team and not sucking up too much cap space helps ensure the rest of the team can succeed.

But that may end now. He clearly doesn’t have a lot around him. He has to know he isn’t going to be able to stick around forever in New England. It’s likely that he’ll entertain offers from other teams, and I’m sure there are franchises desperate for a QB who will toss barrels of cash to snatch Tom Goddamn Brady, who out of his prime is still a lot better than most other QBs in the game. New England likely can’t afford to compete with that and will let him go. It’s not a team known for being sentimental after all.

I’ll buck the trend and say he’s done. I agree he’s ridiculously driven, but I think once things settle down, he’ll take a look at how he did and the Patriots did overall this year, and what trajectory they are on for next year. He won’t want to go out like that.

Going to another team isn’t an option. He won’t leave Belichick by choice, and I think the Pats would give him whatever he wanted if he wanted to stay.

What trajectory do you think they are on? They went 12-4 with a diminished Brady and one receiver. I’m sure getting a big receiver will be on their agenda. They have a great defense. They are in a weak division. They will still be the favorites to win the AFC east unless Brady leaves. Once they are in the playoffs anything can happen. People are talking like the Patriots are the Giants instead of a division winner with a couple of bad games.

If I take a ruler and connect the last 2 dots (Super Bowl victory to a loss in the WC game), the trajectory is down. Two points make a line. :slight_smile:

But seriously, they aren’t bad now, and they won’t be bad next year. But I don’t think they will be better next year than they were this year. I think it’s more likely they are a little worse.

I think the odds of him retiring dropped around 10-15% after Saturday. There’s no way he wants his final play in the NFL to be a pick 6.

They’ll be favorites if Brady leaves too. Perhaps bigger favorites, depending on who replaces him.

I’m more curious to see what he does after playing. Will he coach? Will he comment? Will he be good at either?