Tom Cruise AND Russell Crowe Said to be in Star Trek XI

Cruise rumored to play Captain Pike.

More details on the film.

Crowe rumored to be the villian.

Crowe could certainly work, IMHO. Wonder if he’ll be a bumpy headed Klingon?

I won’t believe any of these rumours until I hear something more official than speculation. So far, the only casting that is confirmed is that of Zachary Quinto for Spock, which is inspired. Celebrity cameos, on the other hand, are not only a tired and lame idea, it’s also unlikely and doesn’t fit with JJ Abrams usual modus operandi. Might happen, but seems like baseless speculation to me.

Since Matt Damon is ‘too old’ to play Kirk, I have this horrible feeling who will get the role of ‘just of the academy Kirk’.

He has some hit movies under his belt, all for Paramount, and he is currently working in a very high profile production for Paramount right now.

My guess, my nightmare, of who will be playing young JTK?
This guy.

I knew the name you’d come up with before I got past the first sentence. For some inexplicable reasonm, the studios will decide “Hey, this guy/girl is definitely what the public wants,” even when, in this case, nobody gives a rat’s ass about him.

Yeah, I’d say it’s one chance in two at worst that he’s the next James T. Kirk, despite not even remotely fitting the part.

But Shia Lebeauf does bare more than a passing similarity to Shatner.

And Transformers was popcorny fun.

Actually, both Shatner and Nimoy have been confirmed as being in the film as well.

When did Shatner join?

Last I had heard, only Nimoy was 100% to be in the movie.

Check out this interview

Better than This Guy

Shat was the first confirmed I heard about. There’s a thread about here someplace.

Shatner was never 100% confirmed. Just read a thread over at the TrekBBS–as of a couple days ago at a con or something, Shatner was digging and “goading” Nimoy because he had been confirmed for the film, and Shatner had not. From what I have heard the film “Generations” is the sticking point. In it, Kirk died, played by a 63-year-old Shatner. How can Shatner possibly, at age 76, play a pre-63-appearing Kirk?

Sir Rhosis

Maybe Shatner could play Jim Kirk’s father.
Perhaps as an over-confident yet somewhat demented attorney…

:confused: We’re not mind readers. Why, in your opinion, would it a “horrible nightmare”?

Well, I’m not impressed with his acting abilities, nor do I think he has the physical quailties of a young JTK. I thought Matt Damon would be great.

But Shia is on a career upswing. Disturbia did well, much better than expected, Transformers was huge and he is now filming Indy Jones 4. (all from Paramount/Dreamworks)
Personally, I’ve always thought Shatner should play JTK’s Grandfather. Just a cameo where Shatner shows up at academy graduation and we see young JTK as ‘not quite’ a ladies man and of course, Shatner would just be charming his grandson’s classmates.

Personally I don’t think Shatner or Nimoy should have any sort of a major roll in the new film. And what is this about Checkov? Wouldn’t Pavel be 10 years old if JTK is fresh from the academy? Is it going to be a Short Round kind of thing?

I’d rather see this guy.

They did a good job with the flashbacks to the much younger David Webb in Bourne Ultimatum. They might be able to pull it off for a full movie. However, I thought I remembered reading Damon wanted to do kids shows, so he could show his daughter what daddy was doing (no cite).

He’s got Captain Pike in his blood.

My understanding (not based on much, admittedly) is that Nimoy, as aged Spock, (and Shatner, if they work old-not-yet-disappeared-into-the-Nexus Kirk into the movie) will “bookend” the film. The meat of the movie will be a flashback. There are casting calls for Kirk, Bones and Scotty. There are also casting calls for all of the TOS extremely secondary characters–Sulu, Chekov, Uhura. The best guess at present amongst the Trek Ubergeeks is that the final scene of the flashback material will show Kirk and crew departing on the legendary “5 year mission.” So, these very secondary characters would be just lookalikes with little participation in the film. Just a guess, though.

Sir Rhosis


So, you have no cite? Or…it is a…“secret cite”?


From the Shat himself.

I think there was a thread about them picking a Scottish actor to play Scotty (which is as it should be, IMHO), but I can’t find it.

IMHO, Alexander Dane should play Spock. :smiley:

If I was in charge of making the next Trek movie, here’s what I’d do: I’d track down everyone I could who’s been a major character in all the incarnations, bring them in, have them sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (but allow them to admit that they’ve been in talks about being in the film). The film would have absolute secrecy while it’s being shot, and even the trailers would conceal what it’s going to be about and who was going to be in it. Also, every actor would only get the pages of the script for the scenes they were going to be in, and they’d get those only early enough for them to learn their lines in time to shoot the scenes that they’d be in, so they wouldn’t have the thing laying about for 6 months or whatever before they had to put in their appearance. There’d be three versions of each scene that they were going to be in, and they wouldn’t know which ones were going to be shot until they got on the set, and in some cases, they’d have to shoot all three versions. The only people who’d know what the complete script was would be the writer(s), the director and the editor.

No previews for the film at all. So all anybody would know when they went into the theater to see the film would be the title: Star Trek: Redemption. The opening credits would consist solely of the title and a black screen. We’d fade into see the bridge set (as a set and not as the bridge) with all the surviving members of the original cast, in uniform, gathered around Shatner in the captain’s chair. Shatner would say, “Surprise! As many of you have noticed, Star Trek seems to have lost it’s way. I guess admiral Kirk was right when he said these kids couldn’t steer. We have decided to take the old gal out one last time to correct the things that have gone wrong, and set the Star Trek universe in the right direction again. As such, we in the Star Trek family would like to apologize for ST V, the first two seasons of ST:TNG, the ending of DS9, most of Voyager, ST: Insurrection, ST: Nemesis, and all of Enterprise. We would also like to dedicate this film to all those members of the ST family who are no longer with us. Sadly, their names are too numerous to mention here, but will be listed in the credits at the end of the film. Now, Captain Sulu, if you’ll be so kind as to lay in a course for the second star to the right. . .”

The camera moves as everyone takes their places at their stations and we slip into the film, proper. (BTW, Scotty and Dr. McCoy will briefly be CGI’d in during a few minutes of the film.) Star Fleet is going to decommission the Enterprise and one of the planets that the Enterprise did some of their “miracle work” for, has requested that the ship be placed in orbit around their planet as a permanent museum, they’ve also requested that the bridge crew be there for the dedication and a medal ceremony. The Enterprise is cobbled together at this point and only has a skeleton crew.

On their way to the planet, they’re attacked by the Romulan commander that Kirk and Spock duped to get the cloaking device. She’s using an experimental weapon that when the Enterprise is attacked by it, creates a rift in space and actually puts the whole cosmos in jeopardy (McCoy and Scotty are killed in the attack). Into the rift are also thrown the ships and characters from the various incarnations of Trek. All of them have to work together to figure out how to seal the rift and save the cosmos, in the process, it’s discovered that various moments in time will have to be “uncreated” and this means that things like ST:Enterprise never happened. Give the folks about to be erased a chance to make a noble speech, and then push the button, so that the rift is sealed and the remaining folks are returned to the time and space which they vanished from.

The Kirk Enterprise appears seconds after it originally disappears and engages in a battle with the Romulan ships (gotta have some good space battles, doncha know). They manage to beat the Romulans, but there’s a heck of a lot of damage to the Enterprise and she limps into orbit around the planet where she’s to become a museum. There’s an award/memorial ceremony, where Kirk gives a moving speech about those who’ve been lost and the adventures to come for those who choose to follow in their footsteps. Roll credits and we’re done.

Done right, it wipes out all kinds of continuity errors and the like. It can also serve to inject the franchise with some much needed vim and vigor.

According to Shatner, as of a few days ago, he’s still not in the movie.

“I am not in the movie, okay? I am not in the [grumble] movie. Doesn’t bother me! I’m okay about this! Bothers you?” The crowd yelled “Yeah!”

“Write J.J.! Tell him how you feel. I don’t understand it! I’m up for an Emmy for Boston Legal. I don’t know whether any of you saw this ‘Roast’ on Comedy Central — that’s up for an Emmy! I’m up for two Emmys!! I’m not in the movie!!! Is he nuts? Yes, he’s nuts!” Someone in the audience said, “Mad cow.” “He has mad cow, exactly. Poor J.J.: wonderful director, wonderful writer — he’s got mad cow.”