Nimoy to play Spock in new Star Trek film

At Comic-con yesterday, **J.J. Abrams ** introduced two of the cast members: **Zachary Quinto ** from Heroes as Spock… and **LEONARD NIMOY ** as Spock. He also said that Shatner will have a small part.

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Also, Matt Damon has denied involvement w/ the project saying he’s too old to play a young Kirk. I don’t have that cite handy though.

So this is going to be a flashback thing from Spock’s POV?

This is good news. I think. I hope!!!

Brilliant bit of casting for the young Spock.

Beat ya!

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Seconded. He’ll be perfect.

I’m not sure I like the idea of flashbacking. Trek rarely does Time Stuff™ well (with some notable exceptions, of course), and I don’t yet trust the new group of writers.

Oh well, time will tell …

I don’t watch television except when I’m at my girlfriend’s apartment so I have no idea how good an actor Quinto is but he does have a passing resemblance to Nimoy and I’m satisfied so far as that goes.

I am less pleased with idea of yet another prequel and/or flashback, though. I’m sure I’ll catch it in the theatre but I am not excited about the movie at all.

I think Damon would make a fantastic Kirk.

How “young” is young Spock supposed to be in this thing? Quinto is only a few years younger than Nimoy was when he first played Spock. Is this thing still set at the academy? 30 seems a bit old for that, though who knows how Vulcans age.

Excellent - I thought Quinto would be a good choice when it was mentioned a while ago. I thought he did a very good job as Sylar. Now, oh mystical swamis, can you predict who will be picked for Kirk and McKoy?

Oh, man, I can’t even properly express how excited it makes me that they’re casting Quinto as Spock. Not too sure about having “old” Spock in there, too, though. Aside from possible cheesiness surrounding flashbacks/time-travel/what-have-you, having Nimoy will highlight the differences between his portrayal of Spock and Quinto’s.

Either Quinto will play it just like Nimoy (“He was doing a Nimoy impression the whole time! Awful!”) or he’ll make the role his own (“He wasn’t anything like the real Spock and it was so obvious! Awful!”). Either way, I imagine there’ll be bitching, but that was a given no matter what they did, I guess.

obfusciatrist - Good point. Quinto is 30 as opposed to the 35 that Nimoy was when he first played Spock, but Quinto is fairly baby-faced. If it is set at the academy, I guess they’ll be in their mid- to late-twenties and about to graduate. If Bones has already finished his medical training, then that would put them all in their late-twenties, wouldn’t it? After training to be an officer, how old are they at graduation anyway? Anyone know all the ins and outs of this?

I picture Nimoy’s part in the film as a framing device. He’s sitting somewhere reminiscing about the olden days at the academy. “You know T’Pring,” he says, “it seems like only yesterday . . .”, cue harp music and wavey dissolve. Now we see young Kirk and Spock on the punting green of an ivy league-style university admiring some comely co-eds in tight sweaters. Finnegan enters and speaks to our heroes, “Well, well, what an odd couple freshman you two make.”

And we’re off!

I watched about 1/2 a season of Heroes (didn’t get what all the fuss was about, so I stopped watching it). He was easily the most interesting actor on it. He showed quite a range within a 2 dimensionally written character, and he made interesting and sometimes startling choices. I’m quite looking forward to seeing what he manages to make of Spock’s character.

I also thought Damon would have been a good Kirk, although I think (although they wouldn’t afford him) DiCaprio would be even better - at which suggestion my husband recoiled as if I had offered him placenta stew, so I may be alone in that whacky notion.

I imagine Kirk and Spock casually chatting on the punting green while kicking their way through a basket full of footballs.

I imagine Kirk and Spock on the greco-roman westling team. Near-naked bodies, glistening sweat, Spock has Kirk in an unbreakable hold. What an opening to the movie that would be!

I’d pay to see it. Probably more than once.

The thing is, Spock is older than Kirk, and he was on the Enterprise for what, 13 years (?) before Kirk was made Captain? So maybe the biggest problem isn’t the actor looking too old (though I don’t think he will), the biggest problem might be explaining why a young Kirk and Spock fresh out of the academy are doing anything together, when it’s clear Spock graduated from the academy first? Because the events of The Cage/The Menagerie took place when Kirk was about 20 and…you know, I think I’ll just stop now and go back to “OH MY GOD! Nimoy is going to be in the movie!” squeeing.

He served 11 yrs with Pike.

But also remember that Kirk and Spock both interned on starships while still officially “at” Academy.