Tom Ford's new movie.

Tom Ford has directed and produced a new movie, called: Nocturnal Animals.

Link above is for the youtube trailer.

Really looking forward to it. First movie I’ve looked forward to seeing in what seems like all year.

Seems like a smart and well-made thriller. Not my cuppa, exactly. I mean, I wouldn’t see it out, but I’d watch it.

Ever see, “A Single Man”?

Well worth it, IMO.

Nope; haven’t seen it. Again, just not my cuppa.

He Was A Quiet Man is more my style.

Love Slater and Macy. Adding it to my list. Thanks!

Disappointed Jon Kortajarena, Tom Ford’s muse, isn’t in this one.

Rehashing this thread because it took me a little longer than expected to get around to seeing this film.

Disturbing, and besides a few really heavy handed clues (i.e. REVENGE), I thought it was really well done.

Anyone else see it? Thoughts?..

I just saw it last night. I thought it was really great actually. I had to turn away a time or two but that’s not bad, just means it was intense. I’d give it an A.