Tom Green gives out his number on his website

It’s 1-310-717-1919

It’s the 8th post down his website. Here’s the link: Tom Green is officially crazy

I’d bet his popularity has waned enough that it doesn’t matter.

He gave out the number “0”?

crazy, yes. funny, no.

I tried it for interests sake. The mailbox is full…
…so I paged him.

I never liked Tom Green. But, I do think it’s sad he’s apparently having a nervous breakdown from what I’ve seen on that blog.

Then what’s his excuse for his entire career if he’s only having one now?

I paged him for my mom on her birthday. Don’t you people go messing up my odds. It’s my mom we’re talking about here. I’m hoping she’ll be getting a call on her cellphone.

You might also note that according to his home page that he has a CD due out 12/6. Could this just be a publicity stunt?