Tom Ridge for vice president in 2016?

Would former Homeland Security Secretary and Pennsylvania Governor Tom Ridge be a good vice presidential choice in 2016 for the Republicans? He served as a congressman before that, has impeccable credentials, and could be a good VP. The only downside to Ridge is that he is pro-choice, and that is probably an anathema to conservative grassroots.

-Vietnam veteran
-Former Executive (Governor)
-National Security Credentials
-Born 1945

My first thought was that he’s too old. Then I saw that you put born in '45. Then I realized that someone born in '45 is 70 now, which doesn’t seem quite right. Maybe as VP for a whippersnapper like Rubio, although Rubio/Ridge sounds a lot like Ruby Ridge.

He would not be in any way, shape, or form even halfway acceptable.

(1) He was the nitwit who came up with the idiotic color threat scheme. (2) He oversaw a massive expansion of government power and intrusion. That includes the TSA. It’s bad enough when the government meddles in peoples’ private lives, but the TSA somehow manages to do that meddling in one of the grossest abominations of government incompetence ever devised.