Democratic VP Hypothetical

Let’s say that for some reason Biden decides he doesn’t want to be VP for another term. Who would be the front-runners for the position, and why?

Kucinich to appeal to the base, Sanders for moderate support or Terry for the evangelical vote.

Hillary, if she wants it. It would essentially guarantee a win plus cement her nomination in 2016.

The danger of Kucinich is that he would alienate the middle ground of voters – “See, we always told you that Obama is a dangerous socialist: look at his choice of VP.”

Clinton would be much less divisive, but then Obama needs to choose a new Secretary of State.


You forgot the rimshot.

It wouldn’t be Hillary. I believe her when she says she’s done.

Mark Warner. Senator from Virginia. He’s clearly being set up for a shot at the big job and this would be the next step. Plus those 13 electoral votes from Virginia would no longer be in play.

He was seen as a future presidential candidate until he gave a historically boring speech at the 2008 Democratic Convention. Bill Clinton overcame that, of course, but it threw a lot of cold water on the idea of a Warner candidacy. If it’s not Clinton, I don’t know who it is. Bill Richardson?

Zipper issues.

Even though it’s a very blue state, and it’s another “darkie” Gov. Patrick?

In that case, the front-runner would be Biden. Even if he doesn’t want it, he knows just how disastrous a switch would be, and so he’ll plug along anyway.

:smack: This won’t work! Our Lt. Governor might be removed from office (corruption indictment)

I don’t think she would want Veep - it’s practically a step down from SecState. And I think her age will prevent her from running in '16. 2008 was her best shot, I think she’ll take her accolades and retire from politics. Although it would be worth it just to see the right wing’s heads explode.

That’s right but makes for a boring thread. Let’s say that it’s not that Biden doesn’t want to run; let’s say he gets hit by a train and incapacitated and keeping him on the ticket is not an option.

I don’t have a suggestion though. I did like former TN governor Phil Bredeson who was on some VP lists in '08, but he has about zero name recognition outside the mid-south and has been mostly out of the news for a while.

George Clooney - solidify the women’s vote, and bring back the disaffected lefties.

Which is exactly what he did say before we sent him to the farm upstate, darling.

If Obama is worried about the African American vote, I think Alvin Greene would be much more interesting to see how many times he could repeat the phrase “DeMint started the recession”.

Al Gore seems like a good choice to me!

As a potential POTUS, though? Serious question.

Has anyone ever served 3 terms as VP?

I really, really, really wish it could be Al Franken . . .