Tom Wolfe's "Charlotte Simmons" to be filmed - let's cast it!

I was not aware of this until now, but one of my favorite novels, Tom Wolfe’s I Am Charlotte Simmons, is going to be made into a film. I for one will be eagerly awaiting this. I love this book to death and being a college student at a big-time U (Indiana) a lot of it really rings true, from the scathing critique of college basketball to the ridiculing of the fraternities to the lambasting of administrative political correctness gone amok. So, I am now absolutely overjoyed to learn that a film will be made from it. I have always believed that the book is simply made for cinema - there are SO many hilarious scenes in the book that would translate so perfectly to a well-directed and acted movie. (Jojo’s plagiarised history paper comes to mind.)

So, I want to enlist all of you Dopers who have read this book to throw out ideas as to who should play whom.

For the geeky Adam Gellin, the only clear choice is Adam Brody. He fits Wolfe’s description of Gellin to a T. A Jewish pretty boy with a slight build and curly dark hair - plus he shares the forename of the character.

For Jojo Johanssen, maybe Washington’s Mike Jensen could take acting lessons? Seriously, though, every time I read Jojo’s parts of the story, I think of this guy. He is obviously of Northern European ancestry and has the fine facial features and light hair that I imagine Johanssen to have. This is the guy they should be thinking of when casting for Jojo.

For Hoyt Thorpe - it’s a damn shame that Karate Kid 'sWilliam Zabka isn’t 15 years younger. Barring that, it’s hard for me to think of an appropriate actor to portray this cocky frat boy. Whoever does it needs to absolutely exude cockiness and a smug sense of superiority - Hoyt literally thinks of himself as a modern-day leader of the warrior class, his aristocratic delusions stretch that far.

For Coach Buster Roth - there is only one choice, and that is Al Pacino. Some may disagree with this, arguing that the character needs to be more physically imposing, but if you’ve read Roth’s rants from the book, you’ll know what I mean. I’m thinking Ricky Roma from Glengarry Glen Ross, only even angrier. Nobody can pull it off like Pacino could. (I know this would never actually happen but it’s just a fantasy.)

For Professar Jerry Quat - Rob Reiner. I mean, the character and the real-life man are practically identical.

And as for the titular Charlotte Simmons: this is the hard one. I’m trying to think of a young and classically beautiful girl who can pull off a Southern accent like the one that the character has in the book. I haven’t seen Prairie Home Companion - could Lindsay Lohan do it?

What about Scarlett Johansson for Charlotte? Do you think they could swing a cameo from Arnold? :wink:

Oh wow. Arnold would be absolutely hilarious. I highly doubt he would ever play himself involved in a sex scandal though.