Tomato Soup Cake

I heard an old broadcast of a Burns and Allen show last night. There sponsor was Campbell’s Soup.

During one of the in-program commercials they mentioned, Campbell’s makes a wonderful Tomato Soup Cake.

I thought it was a joke (this was from the late '30s or early '40s) but to my surprise, I googled it and there is such a thing. There were a lot of recipes.

So has anyone here every had or made a tomato soup cake? What does it taste like?

My grandmother’s favorite treat to make us for birthdays and special occasions was tomato soup cupcakes. They were fabulous! They don’t taste tomato-ey just rich and sweet cake kind of like carrot or spice cake, so she must have used the same types of spices to flavor them. Cream cheese frosting is a must.

I made it once. It was nasty.

My grandmother used to make tomato soup cake frequently. I remember really liking it. The last time I had it was also 30+ years ago. I remember it being like spice cake as well.

She used to make Jack Horner cake too. I wasn’t a fan of that - some lime green colored filling. The tomato soup cake was yummy though.

Thanks for the replies, they had some interesting recipies on those old shows. The Great Gildersleeve tried to bake a Lady Baltimore Cake, now that is a name.

I love tomato soup, but that sounds horrible.

One time when I was a kid I cut myself a goodly-sized piece of angel food cake, and reached in the fridge for the strawberry sauce mom had made for it. Not thinking it was weird that the sauce was so thin and didn’t contain strawberries, I poured it all over my cake.

Turns out it wasn’t strawberry sauce, it was tomato soup. All over my angel food cake. It was not delicious.

I’m sure that’s not the same cake everyone is discussing here :slight_smile:

It’s kind of a good idea, though, as a way to make colored cake without dye. Was it red?

Sounds nasty. I know tomatoes are a fruit, but they’ve got a savory flavor that does not play nice with dessert. A friend of mine likes to make daring jellies and jams. One of them was tomato jam. I about puked.