Tomatoe soup and grilled cheese

I don’t always eat tomato soup (except when I’m eating grilled cheese), but when I do, it’s 1 can tomato soup mixed with 1 can beef bouillion, and it must have oyster crackers floating on top.

I’m not too fussy about the bread for my grilled cheese, but if a more substantial bread is available (multi-grain, rye, etc.) I’d opt for that over plain old white bread. I don’t like my grilled cheese to be too soggy. Any kind of melty cheese will do. I like to spread both insides of the bread with sundried tomatoes in olive oil, and I spread the outsides of the bread with butter with olive oil.

Oops, almost forgot, I also have to have a mug of hot cocoa to go with my soup’n’sammich. And it’s even better if it has a dollop of Bailey’s in it.

Ever use beef consommé instead of bouillon? Delicious!

I haven’t, but I’m willing to give it a try. Thanks for the suggestion.

He IS the most interesting man in the world…

/dos equis

I am disturbed by the lack of love for havarti in the sandwich options so far.

Cheddar or Havarti are the basic grilled cheese options here, with Brie (with cranberry sauce, no tomato soup) or Gouda excellent substitutions.

I’m still stuck on the childhood addiction to Campbells tomato soup, made with milk though.

It’s my go to meal on days when I’m feeling particularly lazy, cold or under the weather. It’s a feel good meal.

For the full comfort food Proustian experience it must be Campbells condensed Tomato soup. Made with water or milk, or half & half. The cheese should be American or Colby on white bread, but sourdough is OK.

Our tomato soup recipe morphed over time into a roasted red pepper bisque. So there’s that, and it usually goes with American cheese sandwiches on wheat bread. I like to use mayo in place of butter on the grilled cheese because it’s so much easier to spread.

Having it tomorrow night!

Any kind of cheese, but American is best. And I’ll give a shout out to Havarti as well.

We never have any white bread around, so I’ll instead make homemade sour dough in the bread machine. Only way to go.

It’s not a must to have tomato soup, but it is preferred to be sure. Condensed from the can, mixed with 2% milk.

Grilled cheese and tomato soup used to be a comfort-food staple for us. Then Campbell’s changed their basic tomato soup recipe, reducing the sodium content but allegedly without changing the flavor. They were mistaken. sigh

We still occasionally eat grilled cheese sandwiches (wheat sandwich bread and white American cheese), but the soup days are memories to Hubs and me, mere stories to our children.

A grilled cheese sandwich has exactly three ingredients: Bread, cheese, and butter or margarine. Anything else and it ceases to be a grilled cheese sandwich. So in this case you have a grilled bacon, tomato, and cheese sandwich.

:eek: NO DIPPING! It desecrates both the pureness that is tomato soup and the pureness that is grilled cheese sandwich. And a sandwich should always be eaten in its pristine state. No cutting. Or if you feel you absolutely must, cut in a fashion that leaves it in as close to its original shape as possible.

You are free to use any bread you like. Actually you’re free to eat them any way you like, and you don’t need my or anyone else’s approval. So while the above rules are perfectly sound, they only apply to me.:wink:

It is tomato, though.

You got my reference! Whee! (doing a little happy dance at my desk)

Glad someone else noticed. It’s a shadow of it’s former self.

Add a little kosher or sea salt, and it’s all good again.

Or make your own tomato soup. Mine has some orange juice added, too.

Doc, *you *should know that in a soup Kosher salt is no different than table salt (it’s the texture that makes it different) and that “sea salt” is usually just plain NaCl.

I adore All Things Tomato, including tomato soup – provided it is homemade and from my own home-canned, homegrown tomatoes. It’s so easy to make and tastes about a million times better than anything that came from a can, IMHO.

Pair that with a grilled cheese sandwich made from homemade bread, any kind. Cheese may be variable… a good cheddar, gruyere or Monterey Jack suits me down to the ground. Bacon added to either soup or sandwich – or both – is a bonus.

The meal you make when you can’t be stuffed. Can eat one without the other but they go together perfectly.

The sandwich must be made with thick sliced white bread. Cheese can be whatever is in the fridge except maybe Parmesan. 1 of the pre wrapped sandwich slices, a bit of grated tasty and a bit of Edam if there’s any there make a great mix.

The old cup a soup instant soup works fine for me, I like the tinned but don’t usually want that much so the cup is fine. Tip powder in cup, add boiling water and ground white pepper.

Finally, grilling the sandwich. If you have (I think the US term is Broiler?) the grill in or under the over (usually a electric element with a slide tray) grill the sandwich open first to melt the cheese, then close it and do each side to toast the bread.

Butter the outsides of the bread and fry in a pan, with a lid over it to melt the cheese.

Tried that. And, no, it’s just not.

Sadly, they ruined many of their soups with their switch from sodium to potassium “for our health”.

Three ingredients: Bread, cheese, butter and dill pickle slices.

On* the side*, I hope. But yes.