Tomatoe soup and grilled cheese

Can you have one without the other? And what kind of cheese? Can it be cheddar or swiss or must it be american? And is condensed tomatoe soup from a can acceptable? If so should you make it with water or milk? Whole? 2%? Skim? Would half and half or cream make it more rich and creamy?
Should the soup be served in a cup or bowl? Do you have to use a spoon or can you just slurp it? If you add a slice of tomatoe and some bacon is it still a grilled cheese or has it become a bacon sandwich with tomatoe and cheese thats been grilled? And if it’s now a bacon sandwich do you still want the soup to be tomatoe? If you’re going to dip should you cut the sandwich in half? Or just pull it apart? Cut it straight across or corner to corner? Should it be made with white bread or whole wheat? Rye? Multi grain?
And is it tomatoe or tomato?

Oh the hell with it. Anyone got the number for Pizza Pit?

I can answer one of your questions for sure: it’s “tomato”! :slight_smile:

I grew up on white bread and American cheese, and usually with no soup. If I were choosing today, I’d have to go for white bread, swiss cheese, tomato and bacon. And Creamy Tomato soup. I can however have one without the other.

You are going to have to step out of line, and let the people behind you order. :slight_smile:

(To answer one of your questions: If I must have tomato soup, I don’t require a grilled cheese.)

Love grilled cheese in dozens of forms. Hate tomato soup.

Yes. You can have a grilled cheese sandwich without tomato soup. But I never eat tomato soup unless I’m having a grilled cheese sandwich (and as soon as the sandwich is gone the rest of the soup goes in the trash).

Any kind of cheese can be used that will melt with some consistency or combined with another cheese that will.

Personally, I would never willingly eat American cheese but I’m a snob that way.

Is to me. Since I don’t like tomato soup in any other context no reason to get fancy. And the smoother/creamier the better since it is really just there to get sucked into sandwich bread.

I just do whatever the can says.

Anything big enough for the sandwich to be dipped into.

No spoon needed because tomato soup on its own is gross. Only that which is attached to the sandwich gets consumed.

Whole relatively uncooked tomatoes are the work of the devil so should never be anywhere near something that will be eaten.

I don’t eat pork so no bacon.

But if I do add something to a grilled cheese sandwich (like sliced turkey breast) then I do still consider it a grilled cheese if it is thoroughly melted and served closed face. At some point if you add enough the other ingredient would dominate and no longer be a grilled cheese sandwich.

No, once I’ve added other stuff to the sandwich I no longer have any interest in tomato soup with it. Regardless of how many extraneous e’s the soup has.

I’m still waiting for a ruling from the Global Sandwich Eating Governing Body so until then I just pull it apart or dip the corner of a whole sandwich in. If still hot, all cutting in half does is give the cheese time to get somewhere other than in the sandwich.

Just about any kind of bread can work and I’ve found pretty much any of them can produce a good sandwich.

What am I, your spellcheck?

Oh the hell with it. Anyone got the number for Pizza Pit?

OMG, same here. Tomato soup is hideous no matter how you spell it.

Tomato soup from a can, *not *diluted with water or milk. (Hold the toe.) Cheese can be a nice sharp cheddar or Swiss. Bread may be sourdough, wheat berry, whole wheat, Jewish rye, multigrain or whatever. Cut the sandwich? What am I, a kid? Dunk that sucker whole!

Campbell’s Cream of Tomato soup made with whole milk, 18% cream, and a gob of butter. Maybe sprinkle in some hot red pepper sauce or paprika to liven it up a bit.

Grilled cheese: white bread and Velveeta, sauteed in butter over low heat. Cut in half diagonally and dip in soup until consumed.

Finish the soup with a handful of crushed Saltines.

Polish off with a glass of whole milk and some Oreos. Twist the cookies open and lick the cream filling for maximum decadence! :o

Grilled cheese sandwiches must be cut along both diagonals to make four triangles.

Okay, I can understand people hating tomato soup from a can, but tomato soup made from fresh tomatoes, basil and heavy cream? How could you not like that! :slight_smile:

I will not eat that stuff from the can but I am willing to eat soup made from from peeled whole tomatoes from a can.

Also, I’m a grilled cheese sandwich slut. I don’t believe I’ve ever met a grilled cheese sandwich I didn’t want to eat.

Tomato soup must have saltines with butter on them.

:: d&r::

I’ll eat grilled cheese without tomato soup (it’s a fairly common meal for me, in fact), but very seldom the reverse.

And for my money, the ideal grilled cheese sandwich is sharp cheddar on rye, with a sprinkling of rosemary. After it’s cooked, you can pull it open and add pickles or sliced tomatoes in the middle, but not if you’re eating it with soup.

I miss Dan Quayle. (unironically)

I don’t really like tomato soup.

I’ll use whatever cheese we have in the fridge for Grill Cheese sandwiches. We never buy American Cheese, so our sandwich cheese is one of the following:
Sharp Cheddar
Hot Pepper
Mexican Chihaua (I forget the spelling)

We also make Mexican Grilled Cheese a lot (Quesadillas).

My fave grilled cheese sandwich uses sourdough bread, lightly salted butter, and 5 year old white cheddar. Paired with cream of tomato in the winter.

But other cheeses can be delightful, too. Monterey Jack with dill makes a tasty treat, as does gruyere.

The cheese toasties from my youth were white bread and American cheese. This coupled with Campbell’s tomato soup made with whole milk and served with Ritz was the nectar of the gods.

While my palette has matured, I still love this combination and treat myself a few times a year.

ETA: Correction: VELVEETA cheese! :slight_smile:

Tomato soup walks a fine line. Too much seasoning or thickness and it starts to taste like watered-down marinara. Too little and it’s bland. Condensed tomato soup is fine for dipping a grilled cheese, but not to eat on its own.

My current favorite (store bought) soup to go with a grilled cheese is the red pepper & smoked gouda soup that’s part of Campbell’s hipster soup pouch lineup. Still tastes a little of canned soup, but it’s smooth, flavorful, and really pairs well with a grilled cheese.

When I was 20, I had a girlfriend who ate Velveeta grilled cheeses. Forty years later, I can’t have one without thinking of her. :frowning:

What about tomato basil soup? Too much like sauce?

Tomato cheddar soup - yum.

Together they are fine but I really prefer my tomato soup with rice in it ---- or as we called it around our house “gore and maggots”.

(What can I say? I come from a strange family.)