Tommy Lee Jones Appreciation Thread

A few weeks ago I was watching “Coal Miner’s Daughter” on AMC and I suddenly realized how much I really like watching Tommy Lee Jones. He’s never been purty, but he’s always been interesting to watch.

He was the best thing about The Fugitive and the sequel (was it U.S. Marshalls"?)

I watched The Missing on DVD last night, and though it wasn’t his strongest role, I enjoyed watching him, enjoyed listening to him speak Apache (I think.)

Very cool guy. Any other Tommy Lee Jones fans out there?

Ooo, I am, I am! My favorite line from The Fugitive is at that point when Harrison Ford has the gun on him and says “I didn’t kill my wife!” , to which Jones replies “I don’t care!” I liked how he was not made out to be a “bad guy” just because he was chasing the “good guy”

He’s never been type cast. He’s played bad guys, relatively good guys, and a lot of amoral characters in between. I wonder what he’s really like IRL?

Oh, he is too purty! And Cowboy looks a little bit like him, grrrr!

Is The Missing the new one he’s got out, that’s kind of cowboy? Because I really need to get that one.

He’s the best thing about the Men in Black movies, and why I can let the kids watch them over and over again.

Count me in as a big fan. I also loved him in The Fugitive, and another lesser known work, Broken Vows. (He plays a priest!) He’s had such a rich career with many diverse parts, and always adds something to all of them.

Oh—another one: The Client. He was good in that.

I like his very natural-seeming acting style. He’s done a lot of good work.

He was a poor choice to play Two-Face, though.

Cowgirl Jules, in The Missing he’s more of an Indian-type than a cowboy type. Think old westerns, where the Indians tied wide bandanas around their heads, over their long, dark hair.

I wonder a bit what he’s like IRL too. But maybe I don’t want to know. Sometimes I’d really rather keep my illusions.

I like him a lot too. Just before I read this thread I was watching him in ‘Space Cowboys’ - coincidence or what???

I’ve been a fan ever since Nate and Hays. Does anyone else remember Nate and Hays? It was great! It had it all: Tommy Lee Jones, pirates, an ironclad, cannibals… uh, Tommy Lee Jones…

Well, maybe not “great,” per se, but I loved it when I was ten.

Try catching him in Cobb Cobb sometime. It’s a true tour de force of acting, and a shame the movie flopped (probably because it barely touched on Cobb’s playing career, but rather the end of his life. Jones’ Ty Cobb is one of his most memorable characters – a truly complex creation who’s funny, scary, and sad, and shows all sorts of contradictory facets (one of my favorite moment is when Cobb chastizes Smitty for using the N-word – even though Cobb used it constantly).

Seek it out.

I can’t believe I’m the first to mention Lonesome Dove (best TV movie ever), which introduced me to the wonderful talents of not only Tommy Lee Jones but also Robert Duvall. I will watch just about any movie either one of them are in.

While I’m not the biggest TLJ fan out there, he was flawless in The Hunted.

Bonus points because my dad is a dead ringer for TLJ and could realistically play his twin in a movie role.

I like Tommy Lee Jones with Yvette Mimieux in Jackson County Jail, a 70s southern car chase low-budget Bonnie and Clyde kind of exploitation movie. Very 70s.

Beg to differ on this one. I thought it was the worst thing he’s ever done (the missing was the second worst). He’s faaaaabulous in some things, and just all wrong in others. I generally like him, but he’s not “dog-proof.”

I kinda think he is attractive. He has a certain look about him.

But, I am a big fan also. I love most of his performances.

RealityChuck, you’re right, I forgot about Cobb! I need to see that again. I think I’ll go look for that one again at the video store.

I like the way TLJ has held up over the years. He started out kinda craggy even when he was younger. Now he just looks craggier.

He’s aged a lot better than someone like Mel Gibson. Mel looks positively scary to me now.

I adore this little gem. Fun, campy-but not that bad until the climatic Death by Burning Fire Volcano-ish scene-then-its-just-plain-silly, bad guys that ooze badness. Good girls that ooze what guys want them to ooze: boobs, grit and sarcasm. Germans involved and Tommy Lee Jones as a Pirate. I giggle with school girl glee everytime I watch it.

If they could create a movie with Bully Hayes ( TLJ ) and Jack Sparrow in it …I would be sliding off my seat.

Who could ask for anything more?

Does hot raging lust count?
If so, I’m in.

Speed reading is bad…

I seriously thought the title of this thread was Tommy Lee Appendage Thread.