Tomorrow I will hurt. But tonight is awesome!

Clearest case ever of tomorrow being tomorrow-me’s problem. I had dinner with some old friends and new. I broke into my wine cellar and contributed some exceedingly fine bottles of cab and blends, which were well received and of which I drank a disproportionate amount. Tomorrow, this will be evident by some pain and reduced effectiveness. Also a massive fucking hangover. Who cares? Right now, I feel like Leonardo de Caprio only pretended to feel in the front of that leaky tub. I feel like Scarface when he is told, erroneously, that the world is his. I know erroneously because it is clearly fucking mine. Also, the Steelers won and my wife is still hot. Anyway, my message is: tomorrow-me, you are a pussy. Life is awesome. Good night and god bless.

Ha! Good night to you too!

Hangover Monday, I remember them well.

Next time, chug a pint of water before you go to bed. Ta-da – no hangover! Just learned about that a few years ago. Wish I’d known about it when I was 21.

Rilchiam, chugging water after drinks has been a longtime habit of mine. It has a mitigating effect, sure, but it can only mitigate so much. And very, very poor decision making had occurred.

Strong contender for best OP + username combo.

So how much poor decision making did you have?

Just curious- I know as I’ve gotten older, quantities that would have been merely “a good buzz” in college are now a one-way trip to the Hangover Hacienda nowadays.

Even better, drink water throughout the evening. You’ll be fine for sure.

Well, OP hasn’t chimed in I see.

Bump, it was “feeling no pain” but not blackout. In my dotage I’ve become somewhat of a lightweight, so trying to reconstruct I would say at least 6, probably 8 or 9, but not 12 servings. Call it the better part of 2 bottles of wine. In college, that would’ve been warmup before hitting the bar.
In truth, the day after is going much better than I could reasonably expect.

Yeah, the better part of a couple of bottles would leave me less than stellar the following day as well. Glad you had a good time with good wine though!

At the height of my drinking career, a whole bottle of wine was about my limit without getting sick. Though I heard women get drunk faster than men.