Tomorrow's my birthday, and I'll spend it...

In the Dentist’s chair! I broke a tooth yesterday and they’ve gotta grind me up good. Joy!

Forgive me if tomorrow’s posts are mumbled. Or intoxicated.

Well, technically it’s already your birthday here so let me be the first to wish you all the best!!

Remember: a year wiser not older.

And enjoy the pink elephants at the dentist.

Tomorrow is my birthday too.

You just reminded me I need to get an appointment… What I hate the most is not the pain in the mouth or even the pain in the wallet but the humiliating lectures telling me I should brush and floss more often. I tell him every time if we all did that he’d be out of a job but he still gives me the lecture. Boy do I hate that!

At least he has an assistant, or whatever she is, who does the cleaning stuff. She’s real hot and my mind is always busy while I see her (especially certain parts of her) so close… and yet so far.

Yeah, it is pathetic that I need to pay to have my mouth cleaned to get that close to a woman…

Anyway, enjoy your birthdate with the dentist.

Bill H.

Happy birthday to both of you!


Ewww. I go to the dentist every six months. Dad’s insurance pays for it until I’m 24 or out of college, whichever’s first. I don’t mind the dentist, hell, it feels really good when they poke my teeth with the bent metal thing, or floss really hard and make my gums ache.

But I hate, TRULY HATE, that shit they put on the spinny rubber thing and coat my teeth with. And they NEVER rinse it off well enough!

One other thing that’s really bad is that damn floride shit they put in the spongy foam tooth cups and make you hold in for a minute. Ugh.



Today is your birthday :: da-na-na-na-NA-na ::
It’s Bill’s birthday too, yeah * :: da-na-na-na-NA-na ::*

Um, actually that’s all of that song I know. Happy Birthday to you both. :slight_smile:

justwannano, Happy Birthday!

Well, I’m off to my appointment; wish me luck…

Good luck at the dentist.
And happy birthday Bill.

Happy birthday all around and good luck in the dentists chair Bill, maybe they’ll give you laughing gas.

Here in Sweden it’s over midnight so
to Bill and justwannano.
Wish you the best.:slight_smile:

Today’s my birthday, too. I’m sorry you had to spend it in the dentist’s chair, Bill! I spent it working. What did you do, justwannano?


Happy Birthday to you, too, Alpine!

I’m sorta running out of things to say, here, but I hope you are having a wonderful day!

Oh, I know-please feel free to do anything I wouldn’t do-

I’m kind of boring, you know. :slight_smile:

Best Wishes,


Not boring, just an Average Joe Poster, right?

And thanks for the wishes. It’s raining, not too much smoke from the Mesa Verde fires, can’t be bad.