Tonic water for leg cramps?

Have heard that drinking some tonic water nightly will reduce and/or eliminate leg cramps during the sleep cycle.

Does anyone have any information on this? :confused:

Some <> sources say its the quinine in tonic water that helps.

Try “Tonic water for leg cramps” in google and

I’ve been told that quinine will help. I know that I get leg cramps when my potassium intake is low. So try eating some bananas and drinking gin and tonics. Worst that can happen is you get drunk and look like a monkey.


My brother had spent a hard day doing roofing, and by bedtime he was having muscle cramps. His daughter, a nurse, suggested cramping may result from dehydration and that he should try drinking some water. The cramping ended.

That is all.

My husband is prescribed quinine for leg cramps. I say give the tonic water a try.

Cramps can be caused by a number of things – dehydration, altered levels of electrolytes like sodium or potassium – or calcium, heat, dialysis, thyroid disease, neuromuscle disease or tetanus, medicines like antipsychotics, occupational cramping (e.g. soldiers)… or most commonly, who knows?

Stretching sometimes helps. So does vitamin E. Or quinine. Like in tonic water, so worth a try. Cramping is different from claudication or restless leg syndrome.

400 I.U.'s of vitamin E works for me.

Do these suggested remedies only apply for leg cramps. or do they apply for other kind of muscle cramps (like one in your neck/shoulder for example)?

Quinine sulfate has been shown to be effective for night-time leg cramps. Evidence for its effectiveness in other situations is not so good.

My mom takes it as Quinamm, but that has to be prescribed. You can get 2 liters of tonic water at the store for 89 cents or so, and I find that it works very well.

I should add that it may taste a bit better if you drink it while eating something salty, like crackers or pretzels. I just like the contrast of flavors.

A twist of lime and a dash of bitters might help as well.

Try it sometime. I serve this to a Mormon buddy of mine when he comes by the house, since it is nonalcoholic.