Tonight I am releasing three huntsman spiders in the lab

I acquired three huntsman spiders from a rare pet dealer in Somerville. They’re quite fearsome in person I must say. I figure I’ll put one in the bathroom behind the toilet, and I’ll try to coax the other to stay behind the clock in the main lab area.

The IMHO part of this is me asking you guys, where would be a good place for the third? I figure the hallway is out, way too immediate and it would give away the whole trick before everyone even gets in the lab in the morning. Maybe a desk drawer? That would be a good “gotcha yah”.

No one will ever forget my last day working there.

Do you have light fittings that you could get one into? Just think of the shadow it would cast!

We do have overhead florescent lights, with covers. That’s a good idea. Maybe a room that normally has the lights off in the morning though. Wouldn’t want to give away the location too early.

how are you going to get them to stay where you put them?

How 'bout a link? I want to feel the fear from afar.

It is a well known fact that huntsmen spiders feel an affinity to clocks, so that one won’t move. The one in the bathroom is a wild card, maybe he’ll sneak under the toilet lid.

I will post pics of the event after tomorrow morning.

Could you get one to sit right beside the lightswitch so that whoever turns the lights on will realise just how close they came to actually touching it?

You’re evil.

I like you.

PS:Here is my inspiration for the main lab clock spider.

Is this a joke?

Did you actually purchase dead spiders that you’re going to put in different places, and I’m being totally whooshed?

Huntsman spiders

I would not be happy to find one of these anywhere near me. I’d think it was a Tarantula. Especially the one behind the clock.

OMFG! I found one of those crawling across the floor in my hotel room in Orlando…it then crawled up into the couch/folding bed. I thought it might be a Wolf Spider, but seeing the body shape of the Huntsman, that’s what it must’ve been. It wasn’t all that big, though, maybe 3 inches across, including the legs.

No, these ones are just under a foot long.

(Okay, okay, one of them is just 8 inches. I’m considering using that as the one I suspend under the light to scamper around when one of my coworkers turns it on.)

Okay…just fucking kill me. :eek:

They’re also notorious for dropping onto your head, without warning and getting tangled in your hair.*


I think they are cute. I was staying in a cabin recently and found one on the bathroom door. When I woke in the morning and had a shower I noticed he’d moved onto the shower curtain. I felt sad to leave my little buddy.

Hmmm thats odd. I just had to wrangle one of them back into it’s case I got him in with a newspaper and a fork.

I could have sworn I had securely locked their boxes.

Reason #20847 I am glad I live in Ohio.

May I just say that I would kill you? :smiley:

Keep us informed on your mayhem. I salute you, nefarious sir.