Tonight I've been wreckless...

I’ve drank a caffeinated drink close to bed time.

(That’s me in bed tonight)

Yup. Kind of hard to get into a wreck in bed.

Well, Johnny beat me to the punch line, but I’ll cast ridicule on your manliness instead: a single beverage with caffeine keeps you up? :dubious: Unless it’s Red Bull or Jolt Cola (which I doubt is sold in the UK), I laugh at your pathetic caffeine tolerance! I drink multiple espressos to put me to sleep!

Okay, seriously, why did you do that if you know it keeps you up?

Maybe if you drink LOTS of decaf coffee… it’ll water down the caffeinated stuff… and …and… oh hell… I guess you will be cleaning the WHOLE house until the stuff wears off!!!:smiley:

It’s Friday night. Do something fun!

Soo. . . I guess I’ll be seeing you here later tonight. :wink:

I have trouble sleeping at the best of times. Caffeine has the double effect of being a placebo (“I’ve had caffeine so I won’t sleep” so I won’t sleep) and of being an actual drug that hinders sleep.

I am such a light sleeper that falling asleep wakes me up!

I feel the pain, Lobsang. I’m so caffeine sensitive that my hands shake on one cup of tea.