Tonight's Simpson's episode

I wouldn’t believe that they would air it so soon, but the simpson’s episode that they played tonight was the one where Mr. Burns opens his own casino.

I’d forgotten about this particular part, but about halfway through the episode they show a stage act that is preforming. Ernst and Gunther, yes you’re guessing right its a take off of Sigfried and Roy. In the middle of the skit, the tiger turns and begins to maul the performer’s. Now I don’t have a problem with this episode coming so soon after Roy’s incident, but I find it surprising that the network would air it. Maybe they just weren’t paying attention to the details.

Any thoughts?

It’s just a cartoon. It shouldn’t matter.

Syndication for these daily reruns, right?

The station probably just picked a number to run, no thought involved. My station played the Wolfgang Puck daughter thingy.

there is an episode of simpsons they claim all the people in tower two of the WTC are jerks… they still show it…

if they haven’t pulled that one they won’t pull anything

As well they shouldn’t. That episode is hysterical and shouldn’t be forgotten just because history has made it dated.

Well, this thread has been speculating about whether or not that exact episode will be pulled from syndication.

Apparently the answer is no!

More tellingly, it’s just Sigfried and Roy.


It’s NOT Siegfried and Roy. It’s Ernst and Gunther. There is NO relation between the two.


No! He’s not worth it!