tonight's x-files

i don’t know if i just happened to miss something, or if there was a whole in the episode… but what i’m wondering is, where’s the connection to the ‘no one shoots at santa claus’ and the deaths of those kids?

i understand that the kids dissapeared as so the santa guy couldn’t, but that still doesn’t explain the note.

what’s the deal?

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Who knows??

What’s up with the whole ‘starlight’ thing, too? So those beings that Mulder saw were just souls of the dead? What was his mother trying to tell him?

Nothing was answered.

i just don’t get any of it. :frowning:

“If anybody wants a sheep, that is proof that he exists.”

I will do the best I can, knowing that I only understood a bit more than the OP.

So, OK, the idea here is that there exists spirits who whisk children away from situations where they were destined to meet a violent and painful death. They do this by turning the childs body (and soul) from matter into pure energy and somehow use the starlight to transport them to a safer afterlife. (?) According to what I saw Mulder’s sister was taken by the government for testing. She left behind a diary of it. At age 14 she somehow figured how to escape the base (it was called “April Air Force Base” if you looked close enough) and turned up at the hospital. She was there under lock and key when CSM (for all non-Xfilites thats Cigarette Smoking Man) showed up to likely do unspeakable things to her, when the spirits whisked her away. She’s dead - thats the main point, Mulder had operated under the assumption that she was alive all these years and tonight he discovered that was not so.
Did anyone else notice he slept til noon ? This is Fox Mulder, the man who throughout the series has been known for either not sleeping at all, or getting 30 minute cat naps. He doesn’t even own a bed due to this reason. I suppose it was to show Fox had closure. In typical “X-Files” form it was a tad mysterious and muddled, but if C. Carter is sticking true to form then the character of Fox will be changed somewhat from here on out.

Just my take, I could be wrong.

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but that still doesn’t explain the little santa blurb on the notes.

oh, what a confusing episode.

“If anybody wants a sheep, that is proof that he exists.”

Of course it didn’t make sense! It’s X-Files! If you want a show to make sense, watch something else! Sheesh. I have long ago given up trying to make sense of anything that happens when X-Files goes into “Conspiracy Mode”.

I can’t wait for next week’s ep, it looked hilarious.


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yes he does. he got one in the episode in which he and Michael McKean switched places at area 51.

and i am baffled by this episode as well.

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The Santa blurb had to do with the murderer, the one that was going to take the little girl (amber-lynn?). The spirits rescued her before that, that’s why he had lots of video on her. It was supposed to be what happened to her. The Santa part was over (mostly) in Part One. That’s what I got out of it.

ok, but what caused the mother to write the note including the santa line?

what is essential is invisible to the eye -the fox

Kilgore - Okay a little sketchy here so cut me some slack. I think that the point they were trying to get across is that “fate struggles to re-assert itself” there WOULD have been a note, so there still is, so the spirits drove her to write it the same way Mulder’s mom got him to write (in super faint hard to see letters, where’s a marker when you need one) April Air Force Base. Secondly, thay never would’ve connected to the murderer if the note hadn’t been found therefore more children would have suffered, so there had to be a note, the note helped lead Mulder to the idea of the “walk-ins” and ultimately, his sister. So the note was orchestrated by the spirits. What do you think?

So I guess what I’m saying is, these are my guesses, I am not sure.

I’m annoyed at how they have cleared up the whole sister issue. I feel no sense of closure. “No, it wasn’t an alien abduction. Instead, it was, um, some, ghost kinda starlight thingie, and, um, well…Yeah.” Are they going to cancel the series or something?
Hey, and why did Millennium get cancelled, so long ago?

No one was watching it, MK. Or at least not enough people to keep it on the air. Same reason that Chris Carter’s other show, Harsh Realm, got cancelled. (that was the one that Amber Lynn’s father was watching, when she was stolen. When Mulder asked him what he was watching, the father said “I don’t know, I’d never heard of it, but it was good.” Shameless self-promotion.)

Good question on the OP, though. I didn’t think about it. If the PsychoSanta didn’t kidnap and kill Amber Lynn, then why did the mom write the note? And what about the woman who was in jail, was her kid in the field? And if they weren’t, they what the hell did the PsychoSanta have to do with them? Was it because the spirits sensed PsychoSanta was going to kidnap Amber Lynn and whisked her away instead? And was PsychoSanta telling the moms to wrote the note, or was that the spirits? And if it WAS the spirits, why the hell were they having the parents write notes?

Now I’m mad. I hate being confused after-the-fact. I think I’ll post this over on the AOL boards. I’ll report back when I hear something.

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Yes, this is supposed to be the last season for the X-Files. That’s what most are predicting, anyways.

There are still going to be more movies, however.

I saw an interview with Gillian Anderson who said this will be the last season, flat out. I guess they could go one without the original pair, but that would suck.
Millenium was cancelled due to lack of viewers, many people felt it was “too dark”.

I though last weeks episode, while beautiful was a big cop-out. I mean this was what spawned Mulder’s facination with aliens, what is he not going to care now?

I think the note was partially explained by the message written by Mulder’s mom through him, maybe the spirits don’t want everyone to know about them so they need to cover their tracks? I don’t know, just spit-balling here. I do miss episodes like Fluke-man and characters like Victor Toombs though.

I love the conspiracy episodes, more so than the Monster of the Week ones. I frequently find myself rewatching taped episodes trying to understand moe with the new information. I am kind of lost because I missed some critical episodes the first time around over that last couple seasons, especially the finale and premiere of last and this season, watching them out of order makes it hard to understand where you stand, and the long layoff between seasons coupled with the uncommonly long stretches between conspiracy storylined episodes have made me forget much of where we stand.

To the task at hand. I believe that the two girls supposedly saved by the starlight were abducted by Santa Claus, but they were transported to a less cruel fate later in the process, the visions appeared to the parents and the letters were written by the parent but channeled by the kids. This is why the parents letters were more cryptic than Fox’s mother’s. The children were less able to directly point the loved ones in the right direction about their fate. The channeled writings from the kids may have illustrated some phrse specific to the man or the village, but wasn’t directly refered to during the story. Also I believe that there may be some alien connection to the “starlight”, and that it may yet be proven to not be heavenly, and more extra-trestrial.