Tonsillectomy messes with your voice?

My 5-year-old grandson had his tonsils out about two weeks ago. He’s been talking funny ever since. At first I thought he was just talking that way because his throat was sore and it hurt to talk, but he’s still doing it. It’s pitched quite a bit higher, sounds more nasal, and it also seems like he’s not enunciating as clearly as he used to. My stepdaughter asked the doctor about it and whether it would go away and he said no, it’s pretty much permanent.

I can understand the higher pitch and nasally tone. After all, he’s had something removed that’s been obstructing his breathing somewhat, so that’s bound to have an effect on the tonal quality. But I can’t figure out why he’s suddenly not speaking clearly. The best I can describe it would be similar to someone with a cleft palate. Any ideas what would cause this?

Okay, I guess I’ll use my one free bump. Anyone? Anyone?

I had my tonsils and my adnoids out when I was 12 or so. As far as I know, it has made no difference to my voice. At least, nobody mentioned it at the time, and I’ve never thought about it at all.

Mine left their happy homes when I was 11 or so, and my voice was definitely more nasal afterward. It never really changed back but became a lot less so with age. My r’s have never been quite the same, either. I have no idea why, but I always vaguely suspected it was more my perception than any actual change. Maybe not.

My sister had her tonsils out several years ago and her voice definitely changed. It was more nasal, as Neenah put it, and she couldn’t quite pronounce her r’s the same afterward either. I’m not sure if it went away with age, or if we all just got used to it. It was definitely weird for a few days at least.

He might be enunciating differently because the muscles of his throat are sore, or were affected by the surgery. I imagine this will resolve in a year or so, as he gets used to the new shape of things back there.

I used to be able to sing really well. I had amazing control. Several years ago, I got my tonsils out, and my singing voice still isn’t the same. Apparently, a lot of my tone came from the throat opening, and the ability to flex the muscles in the back of my throat. It hurts when I try to do that now.

I got used to talking without using the back of my throat after mine were out–because it hurt the other way–but after a while, it all came back to normal

Just tonsils, or adenoids too?

Sometimes when the adenoids and tonsils are removed it can shorten the soft palate and make the speech more nasal.

As well as that, “r” sounds are formed partly by vibration of the palate, and if the length of this is changed they can become less distinct.

Often as the child grows and becomes accustomed to their new anatomy this will resolve itself to a greater or lesser extent.

It’s one of the common complications of the surgery, it doesn’t mean that anything went wrong.

Now you guys all have me wondering what my voice would be like if I didn’t have my tonsils out. Where can I buy a set of prosthetic tonsils?