Tony Hillerman has died
I loved his Navajo Police novels.

Sad, but he lived a good long life. He will be missed. I usually don’t read mysteries, but his fit in so nicely with some of my other interests.

I just reread the Jim Chee, Joe Leaphorn books and they were as much fun the second time as the first. I know he had a long, rich, life but …damn. I love the guy and I’ll miss him.

This saddens me. Leaphorn and Chee, silenced forever. :frowning:

Who was Chee’s love interest? “If you marry me I promise I’ll never let anyone beat you with a rifle butt again!”

I too will miss him.

I just got “Hunting Badger” from the library this weekend after I read a story about the Durango killers in a magazine.

Damn, I liked his books.

Very sad. I only discovered the Leaphorn-Chee books a couple of years ago, and fell in love with them.

I love the Joe Leaphorn/ Jim Chee books, but my favorite of all the Hillerman novels is Finding Moon. Something about it just touches me.

I guess I’ll have to read A Fly on the Wall now. I think it’s the only one I haven’t.

Was that Bernie? I can’t tell you how glad I was that Jim Chee finally found somebody to be happy with.

Damn. Godspeed Tony.

Was that Bernie? Certainly not Janet, I can’t see her ever saying such a thing.

Yes, thanks. I need to catch up with the novels.

I have to admit, my first thought was “Higgins is dead?”
Anyway, I read and enjoyed Coyote Waits several years ago.

Sad news. The world was fortunate to have him as a citizen. Read his autobiography when you get a chance; from his writings, he truly seemed to be a decent, modest, hard-working man who was a bit surprised at the adulation he received.

Godspeed, Tony.

oh, darn

He made my corner of the world a bit more fun…


Drat. One of the only authors whose books I buy in hardcover. The other is the equally ancient Dick Francis.

I’m bummed.

Leaphorn was great.

Chee was a bit dim when it came to the ladies.

We find that charming at times…

Like post #5? :slight_smile: