Tony Scott dead of apparent suicide

Jumped from a bridge apparently. Suicide note left in car.

Director of Top Gun, Crimson Tide, True Romance, and whole ton of other things. Brother of Ridley Scott.


Scott Free is his and Ridley’s production company.

Free indeed.

I think they’re in production now, so I wonder what could’ve led to this…

I read that they just finished Coma. I guess success isn’t everything. I hope his family and friends find peace with this.

Huh. I thought Tarantino directed True Romance.

That was a damn good movie …

Just the writer. Though its greatness probably can be attributed to him as much as Scott and the great cast. Crimson Tide and even Man on Fire are fine films though.

Crimson Tide is one of my all-time favorites. But Coma is yet another in a long line of things that really doesn’t need a remake.

Insert joke about Top Gun here.

If only! I hope to someday visit an alternate universe where QT actually *did *direct True Romance.

RIP Tony. I forgive you for directing Tom Cruise far more often than the universe should have had to endure.

I actually think Tony Scott did an amazing job with True Romance and I doubt if Tarantino could have done much better at the time.

RIP Tony, we’ll miss you.

Recently diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor, apparently.

Tarantino himself has always given high praise to Tony Scott’s version, and still gives Tony a lot of credit for putting him on the map.

I really enjoyed Unstoppable (2010) which he directed - I’m a bit of a train buff, which helped, but it was a pretty good action movie. So sad to see him go but I guess if the inoperable brain tumor is true that would probably explain it.

Can’t say I blame him then, although personally I’d choose some method that would ensure that some other people got to use my organs.

Organ harvesting guidelines are pretty strict. 10 bucks says that a diagnosis of a cancerous tumor made him ineligible to donate.

What a terrible situation. My heart goes out to his family.


How does one apparently jump from a bridge? I can see calling an OD or something like that possibly being ambiguous enough to call a death an apparent suicide, but there’s nothing apparent going on here.

Rant out of the way, condolences and prayers for his family, friends, and fans.

Well, it’s possible that the jumping was ambiguous, not the falling part. Theoretically he could have fallen accidentally, or been pushed.

Seems unlikely in THIS case, but can’t fault a journalist for hedging his bets on a breaking story.

It still could have been an accident. He might have gone up to the bridge to shoot himself with a nice view for his final moments, but slipped before he could pull the trigger.

It’s sad that this had to be an end for a man facing a lingering death by brain cancer. There should be better options than jumping off a bridge.

He was working on developing the Top Gun sequel. I hope brother Ridley steps in to finish it as a tribute to his brother. A movie isn’t life or death, but it would be a fitting tip of the red hat to his brother.