"Too Arabic"

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IMHO a turban might look good on Miss Bush. :slight_smile:

Or the other side of the story, here

Pick your slant.

When I saw the title of this thread, I had an immediate flashback to the scene in Blazing Saddles where Hedley LaMarr & Taggert were discussing possible methods of getting the citizens of Red Rock to abandon their town. Taggert suggests killing every first born male child; Hedley considers the idea briefly and then dismisses it as “too Jewish”

On the OP topic: why am I not surprised by the change in reasons? After all, we can’t take a chance on offending our loyal Arabic allies.

Um… UncleBill the BBC story addresses that:

Her falling “ill” has nothing to do with the original report that she “refused to wear clothing that is “too Arabic”… like a turban.”. Her reluctance to wear clothes “Too Arabic” aparently was “one of the conditions she put in her contract”. That fact that during this fashion show she “fell ill” and didn’t wear any Middle Eastern inspired clothing is a different matter and very interesting indeed.

Wait a minnit,

Am I to understand that the niece of the Leader of the Free World is a Tommy Hilfiger model?

Man, am I in the wrong business.