Designer swaps a size 20 for a size 0


So, as a statement regarding the current anorexic model bruhaha, Jean Paul Gaultier (a great designer) plopped a ‘Size 20’ model onto his cat walk the other day.

I think it’s an interesting way to protest, but- and I say this as a fatty myself- I really don’t want to see size 26 girls modeling clothes on the designer runways as much as I don’t want to see size -000000 girls. Hopefully what comes out of this whole thing is that they start using models that are size 6, 8, and 10. Hell, even Lane Bryant (the “plus size” clothes store) uses models that are nothing more than size 10s with big hips and boobs.

Anyway, I would also like to note that there is no way that girl is a size 20 on her best day. Granted, the article says, “More of a size 20,” but she is clearly more of a size 24 or 26.

Yup, this was Mundane and Pointless, but we don’t get nearly enough fashion news around these parts :smiley: .

I’m no fan of Gaultier (at least as far as clothes I’d actually wear), but hey - why not? I am shocked that anything he designs would fit a size 20, but it’s my guess that if they have to be pinned in for the usual band of models, they can be let out for plus sized models.

Karl Lagerfeld has also weighed (I kill me) in on the fracas:

I guess he forget back when a few years ago when he was about 100 pounds more than he is now.


What exactly was he trying to say?

My impression was that he was just insulting large women.

I appreciate the statement he’s making, but I don’t think that’s a good look for her…

That outfit doesn’t seem to fit in with the ones you can see in the background which look more sporty, hence my impression that he intentionally put the model in something unflattering.

Well, all the news reports are saying that he showed that a large woman can work it just like the thin models, all while looking just as beautiful. Then again, I don’t think that woman’s raging side camel toe (ok, it’s not a camel toe, but I mean the sides of her cooch are hanging out) is very flattering.

But yeah, from what I gather, he was trying to say that big can be beautiful too. And just as fierce, as they say.

I think a better way to say that might have been to put her in something a bit more flattering. I don’t think that’s a look that works for anyone who doesn’t have really great legs.
Does Lane Bryant even make a size 10? I thought their sizes started at 12. They must have to pin the models into all their clothes.

Uh. . .huh. Now, don’t get me wrong: being a giant fat ass ( : pats gut :slight_smile: isn’t healthy either, but I’m not buying that those girls are naturally skinny. I have friends that are naturally skinny and they are just SMALL, but still have muscles and non sunken in eyes.

Naturally thin my fat ass. And these pictures aren’t even that bad, I just don’t have time to dig up the worse ones of the bunch.

badbadrubberpiggy, another Doper friend of mine used to work there, maybe she can pop in and comment to this. But, if I remember, she said that the clothes that are on the Mannis are actually special ordered small versions of the clothes- size 10s and 12s that are normally not made by LB. She always liked it because she has a small rib cage it and it meant she could steal the samples and get shirts that fit! :smiley: I’ll show her this thread when she gets home from work. Anywho, I don’t think it’s a stretch that LB would order smaller sizes to properly fit their models.

I’m not sure how long this particular image will be up, but there is no way that model in the “Save 30-50%” add (wearing a green sweater thing with big sleeves and black pants) is a size 14/16 (the smallest size sold at LB). Just pop over to the lingerie section and tell me how many girls that shop in Lane Bryant look like those girls.

Wow, I hijacked my own thread. Bitchin.

I think it’s pretty sad that a store that markets to plus-sized women has to special order clothes to fit the mannequins and models.

And yeah, the majority of those women don’t look like they’d fit into LB’s clothes, even the smallest sizes.

Lane Bryant ads are weird. A while back, it seemed like all their models were 10/12. Then they came out with that fashion magazine and it seemed like their models got more…customer-sized.

But if you look at the bra ad on that same page you linked to…there’s noooooooo way that model is plus sized.

I see a mix of sizes with LB, really. More than with any other “fashion” department store. But HONESTLY…sometimes I look at their ads with larger women as models and think “boy those clothes make her look fat”…and I am FAT. LB must know that women don’t actually want to see fat models all the time…

Well, ZipperJJ, the models look fat because most of LB’s clothes are just horribly cut or styles that should never ever be worn by someone over 150 lbs. Cite. I mean seriously, what the hell is going on there? Oh, or skinny jeans . Skinny jeans that come in a size 28. Yeah.


I guess it’s the same unrealistic standard all over the fashion industry though. The misses sized clothing is being modeled by women who have to be pinned into it, and the plus-sized clothing is being modeled by women who probably shop in the misses departments in real life.

Skinny jeans shouldn’t even be made in a size 8, never mind a 28. There are about 5 people on the face of the planet that look good in skinny jeans.

Yeah, the only person I’ve seen IRL that looks good in skinny jeans is my pregnant friend. She’s 18 years old and was 100 or so lbs before getting pregnant. Now she’s 150 with a big giant belly and the skinny jeans just emphasize her big ol’ Buddha belly. Of course, this is quite literally the only time in her life that she’ll want to emphasize her stomach, so it’s ok.

Unfortunately, skinny jeans also make everyone else in the world look pregnant. It ain’t a good look for the non sperminated among us.

I was gonna say - I’m a size twenty, and that woman is…uh, quite a bit larger than I am.

I have no problem with overweight models, because I think it’s more realistic. But please, please, please - I don’t like looking at models normally, I definitely don’t want to look at someone’s thighs that are twice my size in lingere. I’m a size 20 and I wouldn’t wear that stuff - not because I’m self-conscious (if I could without getting arrested I’d walk around naked; I hate clothes) but because I don’t feel that the majority of people want to see my fat hanging out. Fat is, let’s just be honest here, gross to look at. Anything that kind of floops around does, in human beings and in nature.

A friend of mine is a plus size model and I just have to say that she’s freakin’ gorgeous. I would kill to look like her, and I’d take the extra pant size to do it.


Horrid, isn’t it? But, unfortunately, that’s the shape this season. Cite. Google “Bubble skirts” for similar horrors even in small sizes.

Hmmm… I could definitely do without the frizzy hair, but other than that the model looks perfectly fine to me.

Humm - I actually have a couple of tops sort of like these and I kinda thought I looked cute…

Skinny jeans, OTOH, look pretty rotten on just about everyone.

tashabot- Yeah, my friend’s mom is a size 28 and that girl is built much more like my friend’s mom than me (size 16/18/20 depending on the store). And I also agree that no one really wants to look at all that- well, I’m sure there’s someone, but there’s always that one guy :stuck_out_tongue: . In all honesty, I see the designer’s point, but there’s no reason to go to extremes. Hell, Tyra Banks isn’t bony skinny and she’s beautiful. Actually, most of theVictoria’s Secret Angels have great bodies (except Giselle, I don’t get the hoopla with her. Everyone calls her curvy, but breast implants on a boy shaped, rib poking out body don’t qualify as curvy to me). Even then, those girls are still tiny compared to most people. Stoopid fashion.

How big is your plus sized model friend? To be a professional plus sized model, I think you have to be between a size 6-10 (no seriously, a size 6). Maybe a 12 if you have a particularly flat stomach and good muscle tone. Like I said, the only difference is that the plus sized models have big asses, hips, and boobs. All with perfectly flat tummies. Wouldn’t we all love to look like that?

WhyNot , it’s horrible. Hell, horrible doesn’t even begin to describe it. And don’t get me started on bubble skirts! They look good on NO ONE. I try to be as fashionable as the next vain 20 year old, but goddamnit, I’ll stick to my dark wash jeans and long sleeve stretch v necks from Old Navy this season. I’d rather be “boring” than look like an ass. Hopefully spring brings some new and more flattering trends. Well, on a plus: the empire waist dress is still in for fall and winter, I suppose that’s the reward for putting up with skinny jeans, baggy shirts, and bubble skirts. And ballet flats. I hate ballet flats with the passion of 1000 undying, firey suns.

I’m sure you’re adorable in them, sweetie. Everyone else looks pregnant. Although, yeah, the dropped waist on the Layne Bryant one makes it worse than any of the Nordstom cami’s, I agree.