too catch a mugger...

Ok, people have put wholes in my theory of handing over a wallet to a mugger with fake money in it (apparently either the mugger will shoot you or the secret service will).

So here’s another question: can you devise a slim wallet that would have the same effect of “ruining” the mugging or identifying the mugger as the bank device that explodes ink/dye over the bank theifs and/or the money they took?

Would this work? Keep mugger’s gift wallet full of a couple $20 bills. Stamp the bottom of the bill with or something and put the serial numbers up on the website indicated and explain that the bill was stolen and report to police with your email address (no name).

Ok, may not work, but I’m trying to think of a way to stick it to the muggers other than using a little martial arts on them. :wink:

You certianly could. Although, if the mugger is going to shoot you for giving them fake money (like they’re going to stop and check?) they’ll probably be really upset for ruining their nice new clothes.

Actually I do that when I go on vacation , either I use Canadian tire money , or monopoly money depending on what I have more of at the time.

Separate wallet in the normal back of the jeans , while the real one is in the carry on with just 100 bucks american and minimum ID.

But anyways , airports are notorius for pickpockets the world over , so with the fake money and a choicely worded note in the wallet telling Paco, tough shit hombre , try again :slight_smile:

A mugging , that would be different, I am not sure you want to be carrying around fake bills , just for the mugger.


Hmm…call me weird, but I’ve always wanted to get mugged…I never carry around a lot of cash ($20, tops) so I wouldn’t lose a lot of money. They say that most muggers aren’t willing to kill you for the money. Of course, I’d like to think that I would be all cool and when his back is turned tackle him and take my money (and his gun/knife), but I’m sure I’d be too scared sh*tless to do anything but hand him my wallet.

You could try Ironic Self Defence.

You’re weird.
And self-destructive.
I worked late nights in a Florida gas station in the 80’s. 3 guys came in, & didn’t even ask for the cash register. They merely beat me savagely. I was unable to work for 6 months, & still suffer the aftereffects today.

Getting robbed is no way to get your kicks.

If you want excitement, go ride a roller coaster. :dubious: